Locus Online Magazine

When I went to World Fantasy Con 2012, it was recommended to me that I closely follow Locus Online, a publication that focuses on the ins and outs of fantasy and science fiction publication. I like this resource for a variety of reasons.

Here's why!


  1. The News Blog
  2. Resource Links / Publisher Links
  3. Reviews
  4. New Publications (Books) Directory
  5. Current Information

Most of the above list is self-explanatory. The site looks a little cluttered, but it is really near to impossible to provide as much information as Locus Online has without sacrificing something to do it. In this case, it is browser space. Once you get used to the layout, however, there is a wealth of information available.

Best of all, you do not need a subscription in order to take advantage of the site as a resource. There are, of course, advantages to having a subscription, but you can still benefit quite a bit without having one.

I strongly recommend this site to anyone who is interested in Science Fiction and Fantasy, whether or not you're a writer or reader.

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