Writer Resource: Absolute Write

Absolute Write is a writing resource that I think all writers should at least be aware of. It isn't a site I use often, but when I am researching agents, publishers, or editors, it is often one of the places I will check. While the main page has a lot of information, I feel that the forums are where the true value of this site lies. That said, it is a forum on the internet. That means a lot of it boils down to personal opinions, personal experiences, rumors, and hear-say. If you're willing to sift through the chaff, there is a great deal of good information to be found here.

Absolute Write is a general writing resource. While it lacks the focus of a specialty site, there are forums for most genre types, and a wealth of information to be learned about the publishing world. The forums are open to the general public for reading, but I believe you need an account to contribute to the forums. I don't post to this site so I'm not certain.

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