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In a previous post, I discussed doing research to protect yourself from scams and disreputable individuals wanting your money without giving you the work you need and deserve. Enter Preditors & Editors, one of my go-to sources for checking the reputation of specific publishing houses, agents, and editors. This site doesn't just give red cards to disreputable folks, but it also recommends those who have stellar reputations.

Writer Beware has a prettier interface, but I always go to Preditors & Editors first when I am preparing to contact an agent with a query. If I don't find any information or a positive entry on Preditors & Editors, I'll cross-reference Writer Beware. After that, I'll often do a google search on the agent to see if I can find any red cards of my own.

That means it takes me at least 40 minutes of research before I will contact an agent, but I'm worth that, and so is my book. You and your book should be worth that too.

Preditors & Editors is pretty easy to use. Click Agents & Attorneys if you want to check the reputation of an agent or a contract attorney. Click Book Publishers if you want to check the reputation of a publishing house. You will then have to use the alphabet navigation to find the individual or business you are looking for. Check all starting letters to make certain you have exhausted all of your options. If you're looking for an agent named Mary Sue Nackney, Check M, S, and N.

Knowledge is how you protect yourself from being scammed. Educate yourself, and you should be safe from those who would take your money and run.


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Patrick Ricchiuti says March 26, 2013

It would happen sooner or later. Someone suggested that Amazon ebooks are not really forthcoming with every ones sale of their books. Me being one of its’ published author am concerned by this allegation. Know/heard anything?

    RJBlain says March 26, 2013

    I have a few reasons why I’d be fairly comfortable saying it’s an allegation and nothing more, but this is just opinion — I have no proof of this.

    1: The IRS has a very close eye on Amazon. False reporting of sales would cause them (and their writers) a tax issue that a company of Amazon’s size can’t afford to have.
    2: While writers have no proof either way of accurate reporting, Amazon’s system does have lag in updates, from what I understand. Sales believed missing may not show for another few hours. With a system Amazon’s size, database lag and compile times for report may vary.
    3: It would be extremely stupid for them to do this. Their reputation has been built on being clear on royalty numbers to authors.

    To me, it sounds like someone thinks they should have more sales than he or she actually does.

    That said, there may be slight discrepancies due to computing errors — stuff like that does happen. Infrequent, but it isn’t an impossibility.

    That said, there are reasons that Amazon can cut sales and return funds to buyers. Copyright infringement is one. There was a recent case where people were refunded and sales revoked because it was discovered that the entirety of a song’s lyrics was lifted and used in the book. (While I disagree with the exact method Amazon used to address this, I do not disagree that what the author did was illegal.)

    Once again, this is just my opinion and speculation.

Patrick Ricchiuti says March 1, 2014

What about “NORTON”,What can you tell me about them. I came to know them minimumly as unfarir. They helped themselves to $89.00 as fee by using my previous chg acct no. I complained to my bank and got my 89.00 back.
But then I always get their adv. on my screen w/ an icon of a punk .
Now, my Word doc. files that I used to submit to Amazon ebook (sucessfully)is no longer available to me. I get a window that says: “changed or moved. I did no such thing on my own. Is “Norton” capable of such deception? Thanks for listening pjr.

    RJBlain says March 2, 2014

    Unfortunately, I have no idea — if you’re talking about the computer software anti-virus, I use a different program and make notable efforts to keep Norton’s off any of my computers. I use a different anti-virus. Sorry I can’t help you with that sort of problem. 🙁

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