Writer Resource: Query Tracker

Submitting to agents can be a challenge. Query Tracker helps to ease some of the burden when you're hunting for an agent. Before I begin singing the wonders and beauties of Query Tracker, I want to give a very brief list of warnings that you should keep in mind:

The use of Query Tracker does not in any shape or form replace doing research on the agents that are within the database of literary agents. Query Tracker makes it significantly easier to hunt for a good agent, but it does not replace doing your research. Query Tracker doesn't endorse any agent. It provides an easy list for you to browse through agents, see statistical data on how many queries were sent and accepted/rejected, and help you track whom you've queried and when.

It does provide an excellent starting point for your submitting endeavors.

Features (The Brief Version)

  • Extensive list of Genres
  • Ability to track submitting date / response date / misc information
  • Listing of Agent Information (Including AAC membership, submitting requirements, etc)
  • Project Tracking Tools
  • Forums
  • Reports

This website has a lot of tools, and if  I tried to list them all, I would spend hours of time doing so and still miss some. My best recommendation is to go check the site out and remember that just because it is listed on Query Tracker does not mean it is an excuse not to do your homework, read the submissions guidelines, and treat the submitting process like the professional you are.

This is a site I happily throw money at on a yearly basis. I was happy when the automatic subscription went through! Take all of the monies, Query Tracker!

Ok, maybe not all of the monies, but your yearly subscription fee. Yes, you can have that.

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