Serial Writing: Thoughts on the First Chapter

It took 5,905 words to reach the end of the first chapter, and part of me thinks that it wasn't nearly long enough! I can't say I'm writing quickly, because I'm not. An average of 1,476 words each week isn't a whole lot. But, those are words I've forced to fit my schedule and words I've dedicated to writing. That makes every last one of them an accomplishment.

This week was much easier for me. I don't quite want to say Cardeth ‘spoke' to me, because my characters don't speak to me. (They aren't voices in my head or anything strange like that. They're just products of my creativity.) But, he was much easier to write this week. All of those little quickly lines and his outbursts came much easier, and I found myself having to erase a lot less telling about his personality than I did last week. He was just easier to work with. I didn't have to think nearly as hard on what his decisions would be. They were pretty obvious. That means I just had to worry about the words, and the words were just easier to write.

I found a lot of time to procrastinate on other things over the course of the day while working on it, and I didn't feel like  I was forced to rush as I edited through. All in all, I'm happy with how it turned out.

Chapter one has been an adventure, that much is for certain. The first three weeks were difficult, I'm still acknowledging that. This week gives me a little hope that I can do this without too much stress for the long haul.

For Zero and Cardeth, their stories have truly begun. As their writer, this is a great feeling. There is nowhere to look except forward.

5,905 isn't a whole lot. But, it is enough for me to acknowledge that there is a story here and it is being shared and told. It's a beginning, and while it isn't the best beginning, it's solid enough where I can give it the nod of approval.

It could be even better with proper editing, but that's the price of writing a serial. I did what I could as I had the time for. I just hope that it is enough. I hope that the twists and turns of the story catch your curiosity.

First chapters are hard, and this one was no difference, but the real work begins with chapter two. That is when the beginning fades to the harsh reality that I'm in this for the long haul.

I've learned a lot about writing a serial writing these four small scenes. Here is a glimpse of them:

I've learned that…

  • beginnings are scary when I do not have the option of going back to make it better later.
  • it does get easier as one goes, but it's never easy.
  • not having time to edit really sucks.
  • it is a great way to practice coping with pressure and deadlines.
  • I can, in fact, make time to write a serial.
  • I am prone to waiting for the last minute before working on the serial.
  • I like the outlining after posting the serial almost as much as I like the moment I post it.
  • I'm having fun with this.

There are also some things I've learned that I dislike about writing a serial:

  • I keep trying to be a perfectionist and this is rubbing off on my drafts in other projects.
  • I can't go back and fix things and reword things like I want.
  • Wednesday doesn't come fast enough when it's Thursday.

All joking aside, the first chapter was a challenge. I think my writing is gradually improving as I'm forcing myself to try to write an even better story with each and every installment. I'm also being forced to address some problems with my writing style as I go. It's a great learning experience, but like with all other learning experiences, it can be as bitter as it is sweet.

I'm looking forward to finding out what happens along with the rest of you. I hope you keep following Zero and Cardeth in their misadventures.

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