Book Review: Far-Called by William Haloupek

This book review for Far-Called by William Haloupek was done for the Future Fire, a speculative fiction book review site. I really like working with the Future Fire, as it lets me pursue a lot of intellectual material when I read books.

More interesting is the fact that the selection of books comes from small and independent presses. (So for those of you who accuse me of not being aware of the market, this is where I openly admit I do, in fact, watch the market and have some form of awareness of what happens in them just from doing book reviews.)

In 2013, my goal is to be able to do more reviews. Preferably two a month, if possible. They're very fun.

I will not be doing a second review of this book. Normally, I submit a book review to the Future Fire and then give that review time in the sun before rewriting the review for my site. This time, I'm going to direct you to the Future Fire Book Review. Why? This version says everything I wanted to say, and I don't think it needs changed, fluffed, or additions added. I normally have a lot of things I want to ramble about that is outside of the scope of the Future Fire's guidelines, so I save them for my personal soap box.

Not this time! Enjoy the review.

Here is an excerpt from the book review:

This is the story of Matej, a man with a very special ability. He can remember numbers and letters, words and facts, with a memory that goes beyond the photographic. It is this talent that propels our intrepid professor into an adventure better left to folks like Indiana Jones and James Bond. Things go from bad to worse in a twisting and complicated series of events that put the lives of 400 million at risk. To give credit where credit is due, Matej does well enough for someone who wasn’t born with the innate awesome of Indiana Jones or James Bond.

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