What I Love about Writing

One thing I love about Google+ is that I can ask people what they want me to talk about, and sometimes, people even answer! Tony Miller asked that I write about my favorite moment in writing. I thought this was a great idea! I added it to my to-do list, and after doing productive things with my day, here I am.

Here I am, trying to write about my favorite moment in writing — the one thing I love most about writing. The one specific moment in time I loved above all other experiences in my writing.

There is a saying about how silence can deafen — a silence so profound it has the power to suppress all other sounds. A saying that implies that a moment exists kin to the deep quiet of a cold winter night where not even the wind dares to blow.

It isn't often that my entire thought process comes crashing to a sudden halt, and that silence is all that remains.

The cheating answer would be, “I don't know, I love a lot about my writing.”

But that isn't want Tony asked me. He asked for a specific. One single, solitary moment I loved most about my writing life.

Is this what a parent feels like when they're asked to pick their favorite child? I'm starting to suspect so. Do I count the moments where writing was nothing more than a time for me? Than a method of escaping the real world? Do I pick a little moment relating to a reader? Do I pick a concept? I could pick a favorite moment out of all of these things.

But, rather than a specific moment, I'm going to break the rules a little. I'm going to talk about a specific concept that I love most about writing. I don't know if I succeed at doing this. I really don't. My ego doesn't comprehend this concept very well, for all I'm in love with the idea of this concept enough that it might very well be the thing I love most about writing.

love entertaining people. I love the moment where someone admits they were swept away in a story I told. I love the moment where I was able to give someone the sense of escapism that helped me endure a childhood I didn't like many parts of. (Which, in turn, made it a surprisingly pleasant childhood, all things considered. I was so busy escaping into books that I managed to turn something negative into something I have fond memories of!)

I love the moment where I think I might just be good enough to sweep someone away, just like I was swept away so many years ago, to a time and place that is so far away that the real world is but a distant memory. To a time and a place, to a world where people who aren't real are — if only for a moment — are more important than the people who are real.

I love the moment where I manage to brush my fingertips against the legacy the authors before me left in their wakes.

I love the moment where the words I leave behind might become a legacy in their own right.

This is an egotistical thing, but I won't be ashamed of it. This is what I love about writing.

This is, in part, why I write. It isn't for the money, although I need to that to live as I do. It isn't for the fame, which I never expect to actually get. it certainly isn't for job stability! I'd be better off working at McDonalds.

My favorite thing about writing is the reader — is the person who sits there and falls in love with figments of my imagination.

My favorite thing about writing is the connection forged between me and someone I've never met.

That is my favorite thing about writing.

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Tony Miller says April 29, 2013

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

Matthew Petersen says May 1, 2013

Wow :,)

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