Book Review: Inner Workings by Andrea Trask

Inner Workings by Andrea Trask

From Amazon:
Mil-spec work was kind of a pain, but Winnifred Gurry was happy to take it on because it helped fund her research on her own pet project: a humanoid clank-bot to learn multiple tasks and serve as her shop assistant. She never expected a metal construct to be the catalyst for change in her work with military liaison Major Dewar – or for her assistant to be commandeered.

Genre: Steampunk / Science Fantasy

Length: Novella / Long Short Story

Estimated Reading Time: 1-2 hours

When I told Andrea Trask that I'd be reading her book soon, she told me that I'd hate it due to her long, lengthy, and convoluted sentences. We have a rocky and turbulent relationship, me and those convoluted sentences.

While I had a hiccup here and there with the sentences, this proved to be an entertaining and fun read. I'm not going to give away any details on the story, as this one is short enough where any hints will take away from the reading. This story won't be for everyone. First, it's a steampunk, but it is a steampunk that I'm almost more inclined to file away as a science fantasy as much as I am a steampunk story. It slips sub-genres here and there, which does help to make it a richer story at the end of the day.

So, if you're interested in stories that have a little bit of love, a little bit of gears and steam and mecha, and a little bit of magic (and by little, I really do mean little — and in the sense of suspension of disbelief and the rule of science giving the appearance of magic versus actual magic) in a world where tinkering is alive and well, this story might be for you. This story, I think, won't be for you if you're easily disturbed — Andrea is unafraid to add twists to her story, which makes it an edgy read. There are a few horror elements. I like that. Others might not.

One thing that did bother me about the story was how the beginning felt a bit slow — there is a lot of information she provides right from the start, which prevents her from diving right into the juicy bits of the tale. That said, it wasn't something that stopped me from enjoying the read for what it was. If you're someone who likes thinking a bit outside of the box when it comes to reading, you'll likely enjoy this story. If you're someone who wants to question how things are, you'll likely enjoy this story.

If you're looking for a super fast-paced action adventure, this might not be the story for you. While there are tidbits of action and adventure, the real tension and conflict are between the characters. There is risk, but it doesn't fall into the swashbuckling steampunks that many do enjoy reading.

All-in-all, this is a good evening read for someone who just wants a good story without having to invest in a full-length novel.

Trying to talk about this story is difficult when I want to say why I liked it without giving the good bits away. No easy task.

The Verdict:

I read, I liked, I recommend.

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