Writing Challenge: The Summer Writer’s Hangout Club


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Writing Workshop site Book Country is hosting the Summer Writer's Hangout Club. The premise is simple: Write 500 words a day between May 20, 2013 through September 2, 2013. By the end of the 106 days, if you keep on target, you will have written 53,000 words, the equivalent to a short novel. This is an anything goes challenge — you can spread your words between projects, you can start a new project, or you can use the challenge as a way to finish a project you've been struggling on. Writers are invited to talk about the challenge.

I will be participating in this challenge as a way to squeeze in some extra words. Since I write well over 500 words each day, I will be using this as a way to pick at side projects I've put on hold while working on The Eye of God. I'm really looking forward to seeing if I can do this! I will be trying to post an update to the challenge each day.

The Rules

  • Write 500 words per day

Anyone can participate, but…

Book Country is a genre-specific site, so it's really designed for those who write science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, or romance. That said, anyone can join in, so even if you don't write in those genres, feel free to join us for this challenge! In order to participate in the discussion threads on Book Country, you will need to create a login.

Good luck to those who will be participating!

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