Cover Review: Witches on Parole by Debora Geary

Witches on Parole (WitchLight Trilogy Book 1)

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Description: (from Two pendants. Two students. And it's entirely possible they didn't volunteer.

World-famous (and now retired) photographer Jenvieve Adams has a debt to repay – and a soft spot for modern witches who have lost their way. Or so she thinks, until they actually show up.


I'm a firm believer that covers sell books: The cover is the first thing I see, and can make or break an author's chance to get my attention. Because of this, I decided it was time to start reviewing the covers that drew my attention and the ones that turned me off on an author.

When I found this book, I searched through all fantasy releases. I scrolled through several pages, until I came across this cover.

I usually prefer book covers that include characters on them, even if it is a silhouette in the background — instead, it has a little witch (ok, so it might be smoke, but it looks like a little witch to me!) as the dot in the ‘i'. That's creative, even if it doesn't have an actual character present. However, this book cover has a lot of things that I found attractive.

The Font

The first thing that stuck out to me was the font. I'm a huge fan of calligraphy and handwriting. The font captured that love of writing and of words perfectly for me. It's script, and I like that. It won't fit everyone. However, the selection of the font gives it a fantasy feel! The author's name is discreet, not taking away from the title in any fashion. This also appealed to me. In classic black, the flourish of the font doesn't distract too much from the background image it's been placed over. That's another score in the font's favor. I find there is often a disconnect between font selection and color. I've seen fancy fonts with brilliant colors that make the font stand out so that it's hard to see anything else around it.

I tend to walk away from covers like this.

The Art

The cover art itself is pretty impressive; it's a work of art. While there isn't a character present, this piece evokes a good deal of mysticism. When combined with the fact this is the WitchLight Trilogy, it fits really well. It helps that I'm also a huge fan of the ocean.

I found the colors to be excellent; they compliment each other, using cool colors with a faint splash of warmth in the middle to help draw the eye to the title of the book.

This worked for me.

The things that didn't work for me:

It isn't a perfect cover, albeit it I purchased the book, so for all intents and purposes, it is the perfect cover. The lack of a character still bothers me. I don't have any idea of the characters within. I connect to people, not to things — and this cover only has things.

If everything else hadn't been so perfectly integrated, I would have moved on. But, everything else was so well done and balanced, so eye catching, that it overcame my preference for having characters on the cover.

Why did I purchase this book?

The colors stopped me long enough to notice the font and appreciate it. The mysticism the cover art evokes is what drew me to read the description. I don't know this author, and don't really know offhand if someone has recommended her to me before, so the author's name was of no concern or impact to me.

I liked the description. I enjoyed the cover. I think it's very pretty, and it had that sense of the fantastic that supported this as being a contemporary fantasy.

Normally, I would have read a sample, but I wasn't feeling in the mood for sampling. I'll take a risk on this one, for better or for worse.

I didn't even read any reviews, or check if it had a star score. So, we'll see if it's a good read when I go to review the book — as soon as I finish reading the book, of course.

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