Days 19-32 – Summer Writer’s Club Challenge

I know I said that I'd try to limit posts about the Summer Writer's Club Challenge to a week or so, but I might have taken this a little too far! This has been a whirlwind of a writing expedition. I haven't done as much as I've wanted since I've started this thing. I can't even say I've done more than I would have without it.

What it has done is show me how much I've managed to do day to day in the normal state of affairs. For that, I'm very happy. I think I'll be keeping track on a daily basis for now on. It really helps me see the good days and the bad days, and realize just how much I get done when I really apply myself.

So, without further ado, a list of all of the days and their word counts. (At the end, I'll reveal how much I've written to date.)

  • Day 19: 3,212
  • Day 20: 510
  • Day 21: 824
  • Day 22: 148
  • Day 23: 791
  • Day 24: 309
  • Day 25: 627
  • Day 26: 2,097
  • Day 27: 1,230
  • Day 28: 565
  • Day 29: 732
  • Day 30: 540
  • Day 31: 3,802
  • Day 32: 1,773

Grand Total of Days 1-32: 63,911

That's a lot of words, and a lot of hours I put in making those words happen. For that, I'm extremely proud of myself.

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