Eye of God Signed Paperback Giveaway

EyeOfGodCover - Current VersionGreetings!

To celebrate the launch of my debut novel, The Eye of God, I will be doing a signed paperback giveaway. I'm not one to enjoy boring, typical giveaways that much, so I want us to have a little fun with this. I want to see a photograph (selfie or taken by someone else!) of you with a copy of the book — for most, this will be the e-book.

I will give several copies away. Here is how it will work!

On your blog or website, post a the picture of yourself with my novel. (You can buy the e-book on Amazon if you don't already own a copy.) In the comments, include a link to your blog.

I will choose a winner for the following categories:

  • Best cosplay (That's right, I'll give a book to someone who dresses up as one of the characters!)
  • Funniest Photo
  • Largest Group Photo
  • My Favorite Photo

For those of you who are using phones, kindles, or other devices to read the book on, try to make certain it's obvious it is a copy of the Eye of God.

This is open to people in the US and Canada. (Shipping Elsewhere is seriously expensive, sorry!!)

Good luck! I will determine a winner on September 1, 2013.

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