NaNoWriMo 2013 – Writing Challenges – Day 1

NaNoWriMo Day 1 Challenges

Word Challenge: Serotinal

Definition: Pertaining to or occurring in late summer

Theme Challenge:  Lost Honor

Lost honor is a common novel theme. This theme is often found in stories dealing with abuse, the sexuality of women and men, and even war. What do your characters perceive as honorable, and how might they have their honor stained?

Include a minor or major theme relating to a character and honor – it can be fighting to restore the honor stolen from another character (see championed duels in the middle ages) or a character in the process of violating their honor code.

Plot Challenge: Theft

A straight-laced character must steal something from another character for very good reason. This theft should trigger an important event in your book.

Character Challenge:  Changer of Ways

Introduce a meddlesome character who decides it is up to them to convince another character to change their ways – whether or not they like it. This character can either be a new acquaintance, a family member, or a best friend who is overstepping their bounds.

Conflict Challenge: Problems at Work

No matter what genre, characters have to work to eat, and workplace politics can cause a lot of problems. One of your main characters is being harassed by someone at their workplace. They have been set up for sabotage, and they must find a way to prove to their boss that they weren’t the one at fault.

The villain of this sabotage is taking careful steps to prevent the main character from keeping their job. The saboteur has found out that the office will be downsized, and wants to ensure they keep a spot when the layoffs happen, as they need the money to keep paying for their spouse’s cancer/other illness treatments.

The main character should become aware of the saboteur’s motivations, which should influence the conflict.

Fun & Games: Poultry Geist

Something has been going bang, bang, bang in the refrigerator at night. Your characters investigate, and discover a poultry geist. This incorporeal fowl should reappear several times. It has unfinished business, and it intends on seeing through its goals before it moves on to the poultry afterlife.

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