NaNoWriMo 2013 – Writing Challenges – Day 10

NaNoWriMo Day 10 Challenges

Word Challenge:  Procrastination

Definition:  the act delaying or postponing something; to delay

 Theme Challenge: Empowerment

 Empowerment comes in many forms, ranging from self-empowering acts to empowering someone else. Explore how giving strength to one’s self or to others can make dramatic changes to a person or a group of people.

Plot Challenge:  Uncomfortable Situations

 Books are often a place authors can pursue those touchy little subjects. Have your characters be forced to deal with an uncomfortable situation. It can be discovering a woman in an abusive relationship, prejudice in a situation they did not expect, or anything society deems as uncomfortable to talk about.

Explore how this encounter can change the perspective of a character.

Character Challenge:  Dealing with Prejudice

 It often comes as a surprise when someone has to directly deal with being the subject of prejudice, especially when the character is of a majority class. Deal with the ramifications of a majority-class character dealing with being the subject of prejudice.

Bonus: The prejudice comes from a source the character doesn’t expect, be it a close family member or a best friend.

Conflict Challenge:  Don’t wanna go!

 Almost everyone has dealt with being invited to a party of event they just don’t want to go to. Include this as a conflict challenge in your novel. This should be an event a character is really against going to, but doesn’t want to upset the person inviting them or has an extremely important reason they must attend.

This can be something like a steadfast atheist having to attend a Baptism, as one example.

Fun & Games: Blow Something Up.

 … and include glitter.


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