NaNoWriMo 2013 – Writing Challenges – Day 12

NaNoWriMo Day 12 Challenges

Word Challenge:  paroxysm

Definition:  Any sudden, violent outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion. (Pathology) A severe attack of sudden increase in intensity of a disease, usually recurring periodically.

 Theme Challenge: Impact of Illness

 Illness, especially chronic, long-term illness, can have a huge impact on people – both of the patient and those around them. Delve into a character being diagnosed with a long-term illness. (It can be curable.)

How can illness change the perceptions of people?

Plot Challenge:  Stolen from Charity

 A high-end charity organization is doing a fundraiser. Something valuable is being auctioned off. One of the characters needs this item, be it due to antagonist intervention or greed. What lengths will they go to acquire this item – and will they steal from a charity to accomplish their goals?

Character Challenge:  Explosive Personality

 Introduce a character with an explosive personality. They mean well, but they are a volatile spirit; anything can and will trigger an outburst. This person, however, has very useful skills, and when they aren’t blowing their tops like an active volcano, they’re quite likeable.

Conflict Challenge:  Master of Serendipity

One of your characters is prone to losing important things, and finding them a short time later through the art of serendipity (an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident; good fortune; luck.)  This time, however, they’ve lost something really important and serendipity isn’t helping them locate it. Write about a character who relies on good luck having to accomplish something with nothing but bad luck on their side.

Fun & Games: Mind Games

Make one of your characters afraid of ghosts. Your other characters spend an evening in a spooky location playing mind games on the intended victim.

The intended victim should play hardball and do something to equally spook out your other characters.

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