NaNoWriMo 2013 – Writing Challenges – Day 13

NaNoWriMo Day 13 Challenges

Word Challenge:  Supercilious

Definition:  disdainfully arrogant

 Theme Challenge:  Desire & Greed

 One of your characters has something another character really wants. It’s a little thing (like a stuffed animal) but it turns into a big deal among the friends. Discuss how greed and desire can impact the relationships of people.

Plot Challenge:  Octopus

An octopus crashes the party. Include a situation where an octopus gets involved with the characters. (You might find an octopus in an aquarium or on the beach.) The octopus might do things like spray ink, wrap its tentacles around a character’s arm or leg, or pull a kraken and destroy a ship. (Because kraken octopuses are awesome.)

Either way, get creative and find a way to include an octopus in your novel.

Character Challenge:  Mental Illness

 Mental illness is a common problem. It can be depression, split personality disorder, or even a rarer psychopathy. In any case, have one of your characters develop a mental illness, and pursue the consequences of this illness on the character and those around him or her.

Conflict Challenge:  Ending of a Friendship

Friendships often do not survive conflict. It can be a little trigger or a big one, but in any case, create a situation where two of your characters cease being friends as a result. These two individuals are forced to work together as a circumstance, but what used to be the love of friends has now become the hatred of enemies.

Pursue the natural conflicts of having these two people work together whether they like it or not.

Fun & Games: A Favorite Mug, Broken

 Someone has broken a character’s favorite mug. Include a miniature investigation to find out the true murderer of the mug.

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