NaNoWriMo 2013 – Writing Challenges – Day 19

NaNoWriMo Day 19 Challenges

Word Challenge:  wanderlust

Definition:  the impulse to travel

 Theme Challenge: On the Road…

 Write about the impact of long-term travel on characters and the people they know. Does one of your characters travel for business? Have they been overseas for schools? Have they been in hospital for a long time? Write about the impact of separation on a character and their loved ones.

Plot Challenge:  Once Removed…

 A character is removed from the group of friends, be it for travel (see wanderlust), illness, or even death. Explore the dynamic of the group without this individual, and pursue both the immediate and long-term impact of their removal from the current plotline.

Have your characters consider how things might have gone differently if the missing person had been present.

Character Challenge:  Catch Phrase

 One of your characters develops a speech quirk or catch phrase – of a negative sort. Explore how such a catch phrase can impact the relationships of people, for better or worse.

Conflict Challenge:  Fire, Fire, Burning Bright…

Set something on fire and deal with the consequences of the fire. Your characters need not be the ones who started the fire. Yes, you may set one of your characters on fire. (For this challenge, clothes, hair, or even spontaneous combustion count.)

Fun & Games: Poetry

One of your characters picks up the hobby of writing bad poetry. Pursue.

Bonus: The character who has started the hobby of bad poetry writes a good poem and shocks everyone as a result.

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