NaNoWriMo 2013 – Writing Challenges – Day 3

NaNoWriMo Day 3 Challenges

Word Challenge:  Mishpocha

Definition:  a family network comprised of blood relatives and marriage relatives. May occasionally include close friends; Clan.

Theme Challenge: Escapism

I want to get away, I want to fly away, yeah, yeah, yeah….

Sometimes, we all need to just escape from the real world every now and then. Some of us turn to books. Some of us go watch a movie.

Some of us, however, take far more extreme measures.

What do your characters do when they’re driven to a corner and their sanity is fraying? Explore a character’s desire to escape their troubles, the extremes they’ll take to get away, and delve into their troubled mind.

Plot Challenge:  Revenge of the Scorned Pet

Most people have pets, and the same should apply to animals. Frankly, I’m surprised our characters manage to keep their pets alive, seeing how most of them lose track of their real life during a story.

A character’s pet has simply had enough. They’ve been left alone too long, and start getting their revenge for being left alone. What sort of terrible things does your character come home to, when they finally do make it home to their loving canine or feline friend?

Character Challenge:  Unsung Hero

There are unsung heroes in most lives. Who is the unsung hero of your character’s life? What has this hero done to be so worthwhile, yet isn’t acknowledged often or ever at all?

Introduce this character, and have your main character realize what it is they’ve lost – or still have.

Bonus: The unsung hero becomes an antagonist.

Conflict Challenge:  Two boys, one ring.

Finding the perfect gift is difficult. What happens when one of your male characters spots the perfect gift for a loved one, and a close friend also spots the same ring for their loved one?

While many men won’t admit it, they will shop in packs to get the job done as quickly as possible. Sometimes, however, it just doesn’t work out as anticipated.

Bonus: They get escorted out of the mall by police, and the girls find out when they are called to bail their men out of jail….

Fun & Games: Drunken Gaming

Drunks and games can be one interesting combination. Do your characters get drunk? If so, what happens when you involve board games, twister, or any form of competition into the mix? If they don’t drink, there is no greater sport than screwing around with drunken buddies…

Bonus: Your main character ends up with a collection of ladies panties with no recollection of how she got them. She is straight.

The panties don’t belong to her.

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deniz says November 4, 2013

I must have read your mind or something! I’ve got an acting-like-a-villain unsung hero who gets involved in some drunken card games with the female MC…

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