NaNoWriMo 2013 – Writing Challenges – Day 4

NaNoWriMo Day 4 Challenges

Word Challenge:  junta

Definition:  a governmental council or committee, especially one ruling after a revolution.

Theme Challenge:  Fading Beauty

Women are often ranked by their beauty, but what happens when someone beautiful ages? Pursue the depths of a woman’s fading beauty, the impact on her, and the impact of her perceptions of herself on those around her.

Plot Challenge:  Wounded Pride

Humans are prideful creatures. A character has his or her pride wounded by another character. Pursue how someone’s wounded pride can interfere with the goals of a character. Take a conflict in your novel, and have an ally interfere with overcoming the conflict due to their wounded pride.

Character Challenge:  Planning a Surprise

One of your characters is planning a surprise for another character, but needs to enlist the help of others they both know. In the process of planning this surprise, the character should start having doubts about whether all of the work they’ve been putting in has been worth it. Explore the consequences (and benefits) of a character doing a lot for another person, and how it impacts them in the long term.

Conflict Challenge:  Who says you can’t go home?

A character is homesick. The stress, trauma, and horrors your plot have subjected them to have caused them to want to recover and go home for a while – home being that place in their past, where it all started.

Other characters get in the way. They have things to do, people to see, things to do, murders to solve, lives to save – life to live.

Delve into the challenges of having a character return home.

Bonus: They haven’t been home for years, and their family never expected them to return. Deal with the fallout from this.

Fun & Games: Tea/Coffee/Chocolate/Junk Food Addict.

One of your characters is addicted to a certain drink or junk food. Take it away from them. Other characters want to prevent them from getting to their favorite treat. Pursue the mayhem of a character unable to get their caffeine fix.

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