NaNoWriMo 2013 – Writing Challenges – Day 5

NaNoWriMo Day 5 Challenges

Word Challenge:  timorous

Definition:  full of fear; fearful – subject to fear; timid – characterized by or indicating fear.

Theme Challenge: Fear

Fear can drive a character to do things out of their character. Fear can make a normally stoic person have a freak out. It can make a steadfast individual runaway. It can bring out the worst traits of a character. It can also bring better qualities to the surface.

Explore the impact of fear on a character.

Plot Challenge:  A Date Gone Bad

A character wants out of a blind date and calls in a favor from one of his or her friends. It turns out that the other participant in the blind date is their current boyfriend / girlfriend.

Character Challenge:  Speaking in Riddles

Angry people react in different ones. Some keep quiet. Some get revenge. Some get back at their friends in unusual ways. A character is annoyed with another character. They decide to conduct an entire conversation in riddles and puns, driving the other character insane.

This should be something believable for the character, but unexpected, showing how characters can surprise us.

Conflict Challenge:  Dropped Cash

Character is strapped for cash and finds a wallet with a lot of cash in it. The owner of the wallet is a friend of theirs.

What do they do?

Fun & Games: Stolen clothes

A character has to stay in an inn or hotel. All of their clothes are stolen while they are in the shower.

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