NaNoWriMo 2013 – Writing Challenges – Day 6

NaNoWriMo Day 6 Challenges

Word Challenge:  Extirpated

Definition:  To drive out, wipe out, remove from an area; eradicate or destroy completely

Theme Challenge:  Loss

Everyone deals with loss in one way or another. It can be of a precious thing, of a person, a pet. It isn’t the same thing as grief; grief is often short term. Explore the long-term or short-term consequences of the loss of something precious, be it person, place, or thing.

Plot Challenge:  Broken Bones

Pain is an excellent teacher. One of your characters breaks a bone due to their stupidity. Explore the consequences and inconveniences of breaking a bone when stuff needs done. It can be a toe, a finger, or you can go for an arm or leg. In any case, break something and see how it adds to the challenges your characters are facing.

Character Challenge:  Changer of Ways

We all have bad habits, some more annoying than others. A character decides to change their ways. The problem? Like the boy who cried wolf, no one believes it can be true.

Pursue how the character tries to earn the trust of those around him.

Conflict Challenge:  One of your characters is a lover of animals. The local government has decided to extirpate a species of predator in the area. This goal starts to interfere with the goals of your main characters, be it in the form of protests that get in the characters’ way or another more subtle fashion.

Deal with how an outside conflict between people can impact your main characters.

Fun & Games: Cross Dressing

Dressing as the other gender can be a great way to disguise yourself. It can be also fun on Halloween. Your main characters decide to all cross dress in the effort of tricking the protagonist.

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