NaNoWriMo 2013 – Writing Challenges – Days 21 and 22

NaNoWriMo Day 21 Challenges

Word Challenge:  protoplast


Biology:  A. the contents of a cell within the cell membrane, considered as a fundamental entity. B. the primordial living unit or cell;

a person or thing that is formed first; original; prototype;

the hypothetical first individual or one of the supposed first pair of a species or the like.

 Theme Challenge:  The Need for Speed

One of your characters wants it fast and wants it now – show how haste can have both good and bad consequences on a character’s life.

Plot Challenge:  Driving too Fast

Your characters are in a hurry somewhere, drive too fast, and get into a car accident. Play with the consequences of what such an accident would do to your current plotline.

Character Challenge:  The Voice of Reason

Include someone who acts as the voice of reason – the catch? This character has cried wolf a few too many times. Pursue how someone might overcome this problem.

Conflict Challenge:  Cry Wolf

A character known for crying wolf knows something important. No one believes him or her. Deal with how this would bring conflict into the group.

Fun & Games: Cloning Experiment

 A character is cloned without their knowledge and is then forced to raise the young version of themself.


NaNoWriMo Day 22 Challenges

Word Challenge:  abecedarian

Definition:  pertaining to the alphabet; rudimentary; a beginner

 Theme Challenge: Start at Zero

 Friendships crumble apart. Sometimes they’re never recovered. Sometimes, however, people decide to start again from zero. Pursue the idea of rebooting and restarting a friendship from zero.

Plot Challenge:  Arsonist

Someone is setting fires. Most of them are harmless – trashcans outside of stores. But each one is growing in intensity… who is setting them? Why?

Your characters are driven to distraction because these fires are creeping closer and closer to home…

Character Challenge:  Nod to Your Inspirations

 Create a minor character loosely based off of a character from a fictional work that has inspired you. Make this character original to you and your work.

Conflict Challenge:  Pride & Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice are two characteristics of people known to cause a lot of problems. Write about your characters having to deal with both of these things within their close circle of friends.

Fun & Games: 11 foot pole

 Your characters acquire an 11 foot pole. They’re asked to watch over it. Its name is ‘Laddy’. What do they do with it?

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