My novels are on sale in the US this week!

RJ Blain - Storm without EndFor this week only, my books will be $0.99 for those in the US. UK residents will be able to get Storm Without End for .99p starting on the 19th of Feb.

In a few weeks, I will be marking down both books (EoG to $2.99 and SWE to $3.99) to see if this helps launch my writing career a bit better.

In The Eye of God, you'll explore a society ripe for change, where men rule without realizing they are setting themselves up for a fall on numerous fronts. You'll also find a God with a sense of humor, and a creature who struggles against his every instinct to try to save a race he too often considers food, while trying to save himself and the two he considers sons.

EyeOfGodCover - Current VersionOf the two books, The Eye of God is the rougher read, both in terms of content (I don't pull the punches on the treatment of slaves or the role of women in the society) and in the simple fact it is my first, flawed book.

Perhaps the treatment of women is one of the most interesting factors about the Eye of God. What does it take to make a caste change? What does it take to make a society, where women are more often viewed as slaves and elegant, beautiful trophies, to decide it can no longer afford to do so?

Idealism makes way for a harsh reality, opening the doors for a revolution in a society that has cornered itself with its ambitions and rulers incapable of seeing the real risks and dangers of oppressing an entire gender.

And while change starts slowly, the seeds have been planted for a war that will not only bring the end of the Erelith Empire as it has existed for a thousand and more years, but of change that will have consequences all over the world — even across the seas.

The next installments of both of these series will be released sometime this year.

In Storm Without End, you'll find horses as precocious as the men (and women) who ride them. Action and adventure are the main courses, with a healthy dose of politics, intrigue, and kidnapping. (Yummy, yummy kidnapping!)
So, if you like epic fantasy or traditional fantasy, and want to give something a little different a try, pick up one (or both) of my books! Know someone who enjoys these types of stories? Consider giving a copy as a gift!

Note: There is violence in both novels. However, there is no sex. And while there are mentions of sexual relationships, nothing happens on screen. Fantasy doesn't have to be erotic! (And I know I get disappointed every time a fantasy novel devolves into smut…)

Not sure if it is up your alley? Try reading a sample on amazon. Also, once a month, Amazon Prime members with kindles can pick up a book for free through the lending library.

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