Reading Addiction Book Tours: A Review

Reading Addiction Blog ToursReading Addiction Book Tours is the second book touring group I have experimented with, and I think it's my favorite by far. It is run by a delightful lady named Cami Hensley. She's a gem to work with, professional, and quick to respond to questions. When she says she is going to do something, you can expect it to be done quickly and efficiently.

I definitely appreciate that out of a book tour operator. I picked the blog tour host image for this page because Reading Addiction is one of the tour groups inviting all bloggers who love books to come and participate. You see a book tour you're interested in? There is a form you can use here to sign up and get invitations. There is also a page you can check out to find out what books Reading Addiction is currently promoting.

TL;DR Version of this Review: Recommended. I'm using this group again.

I chose my first tour to be a 40 stop Mega Blitz Tour. This promotion puts a book feature of a novel, complete with excerpt, book cover, bio, and book description, on 40+ blogs over a single day. I did this in conjunction with a countdown deals promotion. I paid $40 for the promotion, at a discount during a sale. It is normally $50.

Signing up for a Promotion

The signup process is extremely simple. Fill out the info form on the Reading Addiction Book Tour Page, submit, and wait for a response from Cami. Cami will talk with you about the tour options, answer any questions you have, and give you a form to fill out relating to your book. Once you have selected the package that suits your needs, you'll confirm with Cami, and she'll send you an invoice for the tour.

Setting up the Promotion

Because I've already been involved in a book tour for this novel, I already had a lot of the promotional material prepared. I blatantly stole the material from my other tour, made adjustments to match what I needed for the Reading Addiction tour, and sent it over to Cami.

She handled everything else.

What is needed for a Promotion

In the case of the Reading Addiction tour, I needed the cover art, book description (blurb), bio, photograph, and excerpts from the novel. I sent Cami a selection of five or so excerpts, and she picked the one she felt would work best for the tour.

For longer tours, I definitely suggest going overkill on the amount of materials you send over; Cami and her bloggers know their readership better than you do, and it is in your best interest to let them do their job and cherry pick the material they think will work best.

The Impact of the Promotion

Book blog tours are a good way to get people talking about you and your book. I discussed this in the Orangeberry services review, and it's worth mentioning it again. Essentially, you're paying a group to advertise and market for you, but in a way where you're starting conversations, not just blasting out ads to the world at random.

Sometimes those conversations will move from the blogscape to twitter or facebook. Sometimes the conversations start on the blog and stay there. Orangeberry has a strong twitter focus, so the conversations tend to happen on twitter versus on the blog.

Reading Addiction is the opposite. They have a really strong, and communicative, blogging following. So, comments are more likely to happen on the blogs. Reading Addiction also does have a notable twitter following, but this is dependent on which tours decide to pick up the novel being promoted. While twitter didn't get quite as active as with Orangeberry, it was active enough I noticed it, and at lease a few of the Reading Addiction bloggers had 5,000+ twitter followings.

Reading Addiction provides a list of links directly to the posts added to the promotion, which is a great and easy way for me to see who is talking about my book.

I'm going to showcase one example of a conversation started because of one of the blog posts from the Mega Blitz Promo Tour. Seeing this sort of conversation start made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I only wish I was brave enough to say hi to those folks, but I didn't want to butt in on their fun, even though those feelings and thoughts were very much at the heart of why I picked Chris Howard to create my cover art.

The Sales

This is where things get a bit muddy. Tracking the sales directly from this book promotion hasn't been easy. Book tours tend to use affiliate linking to help make it worthwhile for their bloggers. As I believe in supporting the bloggers who are helping me, I didn't use my affiliate link to promote the book. I let the bloggers use their affiliate links.

However, I did see a spike in sales on the day the tour was running. I would estimate an income of approximately 30-40% of the base investment on the day the Mega Blitz promotion ran.

This is a little better than Orangeberry's performance. However, Orangeberry is a one stop per day tour versus a blast. This impacts how the tour performs. That said, I would estimate that the number of sales between the two promotions have been similar, although Orangeberry's is a patience game versus immediate gratification.

I expect I will see an increase of sales as a result of both tours for some time. Unfortunately, my data, being that I don't have affiliate links or singular advertising, will be skewed by the existence of the blog tours.

That said, the only form of promotion I am doing at the moment for Storm Without End is in the form of book blog tours and one instance of a sale announcement with kboards. This makes it easier to determine the true value of a book tour compared to a novel that hasn't had a tour promoting it.

Conveniently, I have February's numbers for sales:

Storm Without End: Promoted through 2 book tours, 1 kboard announcement: 61 sales

The Eye of God: No promotion: 28 sales.

Most of these sales were garnered through the countdown deals promotion. Prior to the promotion, Storm Without End had 9 sales at $5.99, and The Eye of God had 5 sales at $4.99.

I linked both novels to Google+, Twitter, and Facebook at the same time in the same post, so both books had identical visibility on the self-promotion front.

In Conclusion…

If I went in expecting an immediate profit or at least making it even, I'd be disappointed. But, there is more value to these tours than immediate income. I'm viewing all of the tours as a multi-pronged marketing tool to accomplish branding, sales, and hype.

In short, I really liked working with Reading Addiction. Cami's a dream, and I'm very pleased with the results.

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