Writing Product Review: Semikolon Tabs, Assorted Colors

As a writer and editor, I use many different writing products on a daily basis. When I started transcribing Inquisitor, I decided I would use these Semikolon tabs in assorted colors I received for Christmas. One of my closest friends knew my favored product of choice is no longer manufactured, and took it upon herself to try to find a replacement for them.

I have a love-hate relationship with these tabs. In the real life, the colors are not nearly as neon, which I like a lot better than the overly-bright presentation on amazon's product site. Please see the pictures below of the tabs taken with my not-fancy camera in horrible lighting. (I want a camera box for products. Oh well.)

The Adhesive

Semikolon tabs 004 - up close in actionSticky tabs are only as useful as the adhesive used to keep them stuck to their partner pages, and here is where the Semikolon sticky tabs really shine. It's like the super-glue of tabs. So far, once I stick these tabs to something, they stay stuck… unless I purposefully remove them. I can do this three or four times before the adhesive gives up the ghost and mocks me for my perfectionism.


Almost as pretty as my believed Note Tabs. Almost. Colors are nice and appealing.


003This is where the ‘hate' part of this review comes into play. While the stock for the notes is nice and thick — almost a card stock — it is an epic fail in how the adhesive bonds to the sticky tab beneath it. The result? Tearing. Lots and lots of tearing. Because the adhesive bonds right up to where the tab begins, I tear almost every single tab trying to get it out of its booklet. This is frustrating!!

The stock isn't thick enough to make it resistant to potential curling, however, so this is something I'm wary of. That said, because I'm using them in moleskines, curling isn't an issue. On research projects? It'll be an issue. You can see a little bit of the curling on the Chapter Two tab pictured above.

The solution to these problems would be to either laminate/plasticize part of the stock, or use a much thicker, sturdier stock. As is, the stock is too thick to make good mid page markers. They're also too large. But at the same time, they're also too flimsy to be used as binder dividers or markers for file folders. They're somewhere right between being ideal for either purpose.

Still, for a novelist marking chapters as I am, they work. They do the job. I'll probably invest in another booklet of them when I go through all of these, if only because they are strong enough to withstand me grabbing the tab and flipping to the page in the moleskine.


These are twice as large, approximately, as my beloved note tabs. This makes them a little awkward to use in my moleskines. Without the transparent foot on the tab, I have to peel the tab off to see the text beneath, so I have only been marking the chapters when I no longer need to reference the writing on the page. This is definitely a con for me, and unfortunately, Semikolon doesn't offer a smaller sized sticky tab — yet.


For the number of tabs you receive, this is a reasonably priced product. The ‘booklet' the sticky tabs come in is clever, letting me store them in an attractive book rather than in a loose mess like other brands. This is majorly appealing for me. Still, that said, this product could use improvement, so I'd rank this as a 3*. Tearing most of the tabs is a pain in the rump, and it's very difficult to get them out of the booklet without them ripping.

While I'd buy them again, I'm not going to necessarily jump up and down and recommend every writer gets them for their arsenal.


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