kboards promotions: A Review

kboards is a popular forum for kindle fans, both readers and writers. They offer advertisement on their forums, their blog, their facebook page, and their twitter account.

I purchased their one-day package, which cost me $20.00.

Setup for the promotion was extremely simple. I was given a very short list of things needed in order for the book to be promoted. The folks at kboards handle the creation of all advertising material from your amazon buy link.

I did this promotion in conjunction with a countdown deals.

Turnaround time was extremely fast for the promotion. It was live within 48 hours of me submitting my order, which makes it an excellent immediate boost — if your book matches reading desires of their audience.

While I don't want to say this service was a wash, I only recouped 50% of my investment. Unlike the other tours I have done, there is little interest in ‘backlog' of posts, and a lower SEO value.

This is not a service I will be purchasing again, and I don't really recommend it — at least not for someone who writes epic and traditional fantasy. Other genres might enjoy more success, but while kboards does have a 50,000+ following on facebook, it didn't result in as large of a burst of sales as I needed to make this promotion worthwhile. The SEO benefits from one site linking to a product without a review isn't significant enough, in my opinion, to make up for the lack of sales.

Considering I ran this in conjunction with a countdown deal to optimize the sales, I don't think a longer run or different promotion package would make a significant impact on how successful using kboards for advertising is.

Another mark against this service, in my opinion, is the lack of discussion and conversation created by their promotions. This lack of conversation prevents the books featured from being really branded, lowering the value of the service for those who are interested in establishing their brand.

kboards might be a useful venue for romance authors or for popular, established authors.

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