The State of the Union — Blog Tour Monday

I was invited to come play on a blog tour Monday thingie — I'm not even sure what it is, except people getting together and blogging about writing on a Monday. But hey, I like writing, and I like blogging, so I figured why not? Nothing to lose, and a chance to procrastinate a chance to let you all know what I've been up to lately.

David Ellis invited me to come play. He's one of my clients this year. Go say hi to him!

The biggest thing on my plate is the publication of Inquisitor on May 16, 2014. I'm really hoping this urban fantasy does well… and not just because I need to rewire my house.

The second biggest thing is that I need to rewire my house. Badly. The breaker needs rewired to industry standards, and I have several blown outlets, and an entire circuit that no longer works upstairs. Bathing will be a candlelit affair for the next few months. Why? I'm a writer. While my husband makes good money, we don't make ‘drop $10k on electrician repairs on a dime' good money. I'm increasingly making better money as I release more books and get a feel for how to reach out to readers, but I don't make good money. Yet. I may never. But, at least until the foreseeable future, I will be spending all of the royalty money I do make on fixing my house.

On days like today, I wish I had a winning ticket for the lottery jackpot. Then I could completely renovate my house room by room.

At least it wasn't the circuit with the fridge or the freezer. It is, however, the circuit with my office. Cue sadface and saying goodbye to all of my plans for spring writing in my office on my laptop.

Well, okay, I'll buy a really long extension cord so I can run power to my office that way to charge my laptop as I use it. Maybe not entirely goodbye to my spring writing plans.

For other writing-related news, I'll be having another installment of my Orangeberry blogging tour review in the next month or so. We started a new phase of promotion, so I'll have more data for you soon. I'm also gearing up for another blog tour with a different group for Storm Without End.

Speaking of Storm Without End, I have over 75,000 words of Storm Surge drafted. Storm Surge will be the next novel I release this year. I'm tentatively planning on August. Right before I go on vacation to Las Vegas. Worst plan ever. 

City of Clocks is over 20k drafted now, and it will likely become the third novel I release this year, leaving me in a mad scramble to finish Royal Slaves for the end of the year.

On a client editorial front, I have a lot of second reads to do, and with the problem with the wiring in the house, I didn't get anything done today. Cue more panic and things.

In short, I'm going to fondly remember 2014 as the year I completely lose my sanity. You'll find a lump of something gibbering in a corner. Go ahead and ignore it.

It is just me.

I'm tagging Lisa Cohen & Ryan Toxopeus for next week. Why? Because they're really cool writers. It doesn't hurt they're past and current clients.

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