Random Rambles: Life, The Universe, and Cleaning… and Books.

As I begin writing this post, my back is starting it's rather loud protests at the amount of physical work I've done today. I'm not a physical person. I have several issues that prevent me from being a physical person. I have done an excessive amount today, pushing far beyond my normal boundaries.

For that, I'm excessive proud of myself. But I'm paying a price for it, in a mixture of pure pain, shortness of breath, and shaking. Head to toe shaking, as my muscles try to figure out what I expected them to do and why they actually did it.

I had to take medication. I have a stiff vertebrae in my spine. C5, I believe is the one in question. It's located a little north of smack dab between my shoulder blades where the spine connects with the shoulders. Fun stuff. Essentially, what it means, is because this specific vertebrae is stiff, it doesn't move as well as 4 and 6. When that happens, the muscles freak out.

It triggers migraines as 1-4 stiffen and lock up. Muscle relaxers counter this, which is my saving grace. If I take one (or two depending on the severity) I can completely bypass the migraines. If I don't, I lose most of the mobility in my neck, and my shoulders ache a lot.

The body is a connected series of awesome, and due to the location of this horror show, even walking can trigger things if I'm not careful.

That's not even counting my circulatory system, which is not in an ideal state, for reasons.

I haven't been careful today. I hauled logs. I dug out a flower bed–two, actually–and I have been cleaning my bathroom. I did dishes.

I've been working in 10-20 minute bursts with long stretches between, but I'm making those 10-20 minutes count, pushing myself to my absolute limits.

My first two sessions were closer to 30 minutes as I hacked and dug my way through old weeds.

My Garden - 2014This is the result of my efforts, herbs, peppers, and tomato plants, growing in my raised flower bed!

Husband said I can get 2-3 more plants to fill in the spaces. The logs are holding the weed-preventing liner down until I can get proper mulch or gravel or whatever I decide to use for the top layer.

I'll pick up (and plant) my new babies tomorrow. I'm thinking rosemary and thyme, because I enjoy making spaghetti.

I have to do the cleanup, but I couldn't handle it today. It was just too much for me. I'll load up the loose dirt and tossed-away plant matter another day, when I feel a little better.

My mother is coming to my house, and I want to have the entire place cleaned up by Thursday or Friday. She arrives Saturday.

It's intense.

Switching subjects, I've finished re-reading most of The Dresden Files preparing for the next novel. Sad I've re-read most of them now. Gotta start going through review copies of novels I have on my kindle. That should be fun, got a few really interesting books.

Will have those for review in not too terribly long. Okay, one is in a longish while, because I grabbed my review copy as soon as they were available and it doesn't release for like a month and a half. I think the other one is a shorter time, but that's quite okay.

One is a military thriller and the other is a contemporary fantasy.

Switching gears again (I wrote swiffering gears… yeah. I'm not to the swiffering phase yet, me…) I'm going to be so happy when Friday comes around. It'll be a huge load off. This week, I need to get a lot of client editorial done, which means I won't be doing nearly as much drafting or editorial work on my stuff as I want. I have to finish all of my updates and things for my release day shenanigans. I'm almost done. I have a couple of guest posts to write, and I need to email people things like the buy links for the book.

I also need to do the updated production copies of the ebooks for my two first novels so the indiegogo people have the copies. That'll happen later in the week.

Going to probably go insane before Saturday arrives, along with my mother.

Now I'm going to sit here and pretend I'm being productive, because I'm too tired to think clearly, let alone do anything.

But I persevered, even though I'm paying for it right now. Ouch.

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