Random Rambles: My Love / Hate Relationship with Beginnings and Close Encounters of the Real-Life

Today has turned out to be topsy-turvy and super busy. I hated and I loved it. Sort of like my relationship with the beginnings of novels.

Today I started fussing with the second redrafting of Winter Wolf. I'm in search of the perfect opening, and I have four, five, maybe six options relating to two independent starting points.

Do I start the novel right in the thick of the thrills, ala Harry Dresden, or do I take my time and introduce the character as her life changes, leading into the thick of the thrills? (More like Harry Potter in that regard.)

Both techniques are equally valid. I'd enjoy writing both of them, because what Nicolina becomes is as interesting as what she does once she becomes it. It's also interesting to think about how she would deal with the situations she has to for the sake of survival.

I'm going to give the before the thick of the thrills starting a few more chances before I throw my arms up in the air and just go for the thick of the thrills. (This is probably what is going to happen, but I'm going to play with the backstory bits for shits and giggles.)

Writing a beginning is hard. I find it is the most difficult part of every novel I have ever written. I will struggle for words each time I start a novel, going back to go through the whole sweat, tears, and blood thing to make it interesting. And even then, I'll often be left feeling like the beginning is junk compared to everything else in the book.

Oh well. I'll figure it out tomorrow. I've got some thoughts, I've tried some things, and I'm getting a better idea of who this character is. That's really the whole point of all of these false starts: Discovering who Nicolina Desmond really is.

Skipping to the real-life stuff… ugh. Life is difficult.

My husband is really frustrated with his work. The ‘If things don't get better sooner than later, I'm looking for a new job' frustrated. I can't blame him. He keeps mentioning that he sticks around because he has ten years of loyalty to this business, but they've been stepping on his toes lately, and he feels he's majorly underpaid for what he brings to the table. Because of their mismanagement, his place of employment has been putting him in positions he absolutely hates.

Cue the fun.

So he's stressed, frustrated, and annoyed, and I can't really blame him. He likes his job–usually–but some weeks he just can't cope with how they do things. This is definitely one of those weeks.

Today was really bad for him apparently.

So that stresses me out, because my work is definitely not sufficient to pay the rent. Our lifestyle relies on him and his work.

So anytime this goes into flux, my stress levels go through the roof. That was a part of today. I hate it, but I can't blame him. He's not exactly unjustified in his stance.

The business he works for isn't exactly unjustified in their stance either, but they are unjustified in trying to force him to log so many unpaid hours over the weekends and evenings to make up for their mistakes. That has him really angry, because he already works seven days a week, monitoring the office systems and being on call to fix things. To add extra is an insult to injury, because we can't do things as a family, out, on the weekends, without making major adjustments to everything.

I hate that we're tied down because of this stuff, and he's not even given the realistic option to say ‘no' at this point.

I really hope it does cool down at his work, because they do give him some flexibility about starting hours. But if it doesn't, he could get paid anywhere to a third to double more than what he is currently paid. And I don't think his work would like swallowing that pill if he gets fed up.

I haven't seen him this angry about work in a long time.

Ugh. I'll just hope it settles down.

In the mean time, I'll restart Winter Wolf again tomorrow–revisiting the starting place I think will probably work best for the book in general. We'll see!

For now, I think I need to drag my husband to bed so we can read books.

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