Random Rambles: What have I gotten myself into?!

If there was ever a recipe for disaster, I think I've found it. I really meant to take a day off today. I slept in till 1:30, and it was glorious. I mean, I slept. That's the first thing of importance. I passed right out and was out like the circuit upstairs in my house that I haven't had the time or money to fix.

Did I mention that the circuit in question controls the lighting in my main bathroom? Baths by candlelight due to necessity!!

It began with an email. I neglected it yesterday. It was a request for guest posts and interviews from the blog groups I'm working with. I've managed to finish one interview and one post. After I finish these random rambles, I'm going to finish the next post.

But this led to an evil rabbit hole. It's a deep one, too. There was an email with the links of participating bloggers for the release launch and awesome extravaganza! So of course, me being me, I couldn't let it go. I had to start the spreadsheet tracking all of the blogs and websites featuring my book.

(Want to be in this awesome spreadsheet? Click this link and check out all the tours and stuff you can join!)

Did I mention I was supposed to be not working today? I'm supposed to be drafting my fun project. (I'll get there, but I must go down this rabbit hole just a little deeper, just a little deeper…)

Then… Along Came a Hot Dog.

(Have you seen Along Came a Spider? Seriously, I'm not into movies and stuff, but this movie floored me. I loved it. Anxiety attacks and all, but still loved it.)

In this version, the hot dogs have been waiting all week for their chance. I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner tonight, and he meekly replied, “Hot dogs?”

I was all over that like fruit flies on last week's banana. Word to the Wise: Don't leave a banana out for a week. Been there, done that once. Never again. Bananas are the Grand Master Summoner with a class specialization in fruit flies.

I don't normally like hot dogs. Today, though? Hot dogs, get in my belly now!

What I didn't mention up there earlier is that I didn't sleep well last night. After tossing, turning, coughing, and generally feeling miserable, I drifted off around 5 in the morning. Was up, wide awake, in go go go go go mode at 6 AM or so. Finally got back to sleep around 7:00-7:30. Was up again at 8:22 AM when the alarm went off.

Got husband out the door to go to work and promptly passed out.

Cat WarfareSo this happened, sometime around Late O'Clock and Why. Can't. I. Sleep!! O'Clock.

Her name is Princess, and she's my cat. I think my husband wasn't snoring and was quiet, so I reached over to check if he was still alive. Instead of reaching my spouse, a pair of paws snatched my arm and pulled me to her. A cute little kitty face nuzzled against my wrist. Purring increased in volume.

She wouldn't let go. For ten minutes, I was trapped, hand against the softest kitty belly in existence. Her fur reminds me a lot of Cashmere, except better.

There was a moment where she went into these kitty convulsions. She pulled my arm as close to her as possible, snuggling and trying to merge her face with my arm. She curled around my hand, writhing in feline bliss.

I managed to snap this photograph with my iphone, one handed. It was quite the feat.

But this picture is now special to me. It's an image of kitty love.

Now, back to work. The launch day shenanigans won't prepare themselves… and I want to write later! The disaster part? The sheer number of hours I'm investing for the launch day. I never thought it would be so intensive, not for a moment.

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