The Final Hours Before the Official Release of Inquisitor

Exhaustion is my companion today. I can't even calculate the number of hours I've invested preparing for Inquisitor's official launch. While the book has been on amazon for a while, because self-published authors can't use amazon's pre-order tools, tomorrow my real efforts bear fruit–or don't.

We'll find out tomorrow, I guess.

Let the festivities begin. Really, if you've been waiting to buy a copy of the book, you can start now. It's Friday somewhere. Sounds like a reason to celebrate to me!!

At midnight PST, Storm Without End and The Eye of God go on sale with a countdown deal in the UK and US.

I still have an unholy number of guest posts to write and send out for tomorrow. Two groups needed last minute posts.

It's an enforced break from cleaning at least… which I needed.

On a bit of a dare, if I become a bestseller tomorrow, I've promised to dance around my kitchen while mopping the floor with my feet, singing and dancing to Shakira's Waka Waka.


Back to work.

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