Important Announcement Regarding Editorial Work

I will no longer be taking any new clients. I am going to be shifting all of my efforts into my writing career, which has always been the most important thing for me.

Current clients, I will still be taking some projects, especially if you are working on a series, but I will be limiting the amount of time I spend on editorial work versus my own career. Contact me about new projects or continuations ASAP, please.

In a way, I hate doing this, because I really like helping people improve their novels, but my first love is writing books. To be truthful, I'm spending more than half of my time on other people's books, not mine. This bothers me. I want to make my career happen.

My husband and I have discussed, and we are going to take the risk of letting my royalties completely float my writing career, rather than depending on my editorial work to float my writing career.

I'm going all in. This is the equivalent of quitting the day job to write.Inquisitor proved I can do this. My writing will improve, and I hope I can continue to write better and better stories.

I can't keep dedicating 2/3rds of my writing creativity on editorial. Editorial work saps a great deal of my creative energy. I use the same level of creativity — sometimes more — in helping others with their fiction.

That leeches away from my ability to work on my books. I will complete my current work load and edits promised to individuals, but from now on, I'll do what I have wanted to do all along: Write.

Thank you.

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