Random Rambles: Depression, the Silent Killer

With the death of Robin Williams today, depression has once again come into the spotlight. I won't go into the many reasons Mr. Williams' death has impacted me. It has, and that's all that needs to be said.

It was common knowledge that Mr. Williams was a troubled man who struggled with addiction and depression. His suicide didn't surprise me, and that's a terrible thing to say.

I understand, which is also a terrible thing to say.

Depression is a silent killer, smothering the voice of its victims. It is something too many are mocked for struggling with. It's an illness, but a misunderstood one. Those who medicate for it are shunned. Those who don't are scorned as they fight the battle against their silent killers.

And then those left behind are confused when those victims lose that war. Some mourn, some stay quiet, and other scorn.

Most victims are written off and forgotten.

But then comes along someone like Robin Williams, who reminds us in the harshest, saddest way possible that the Silent Killer, named Depression, is among those who have the magic to touch other lives, bringing laughter and joy.

I hope you rest well, Mr. Williams, and whatever awaits you is full of the laughter and joy that you brought to so many others.

And I wish we could have given that laughter and joy back to you when you needed it the most.

You will not be forgotten.

Nor shall the silent killer who did you in.

For more information on how you can get help, you can use the following resources:

Mostly Importantly, YOU. If you see a friend or loved on struggling with depression, YOU can help. Here's how: Talk to them. If they tell you they're suffering from depression, don't judge them. Offer them support.

If necessary, INTERVENE. Those resources above are available for ANYONE dealing with suicide–you need not be the one suffering.

Ask for help.

Don't suffer alone.

Don't let others suffer alone.

Rest well, Robin.

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Susan Emans says August 11, 2014

Very well said. And so very, very sad.

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