Random Rambles: Book Reviewing

I've been reading a lot more books lately–old favorites, as well as new titles. As a result, I'm going to be trying to review a lot more books. My target goal will be one new review each week.

Usually, I get my advanced review copies directly from small, mid-sized, and large publishers. As a general rule, I haven't reviewed as many independent novelists, although I will consider them. I'm not an exception in regards to this–many reviewers shy away from independently written works. Quality is a reason, although my main reasons involves the sheer number of rehashed, unoriginal stories–or stories that try too hard to be original and fail to entertain me.

I find that even if the trad published works fall into comfortable, familiar territories, the stories are so well written that it's hard to hate them for being old, familiar, and comfortable.

So, while I won't immediately say no to reviewing an independent novel, I'm not going to be a reviewer who jumps at the first opportunity to read and review your title. You can approach me about it. (Blain  . rj @ gmail . com) But I do not guarantee I will review a novel. If I do decide to review a novel, I will review it honestly, even if it results in a constructive, negative review.

If your book is full of holes and errors, I will say so. If I find it boring, I will say so.

I do not treat independent novels any different than I do professionally published ones, so consider yourself warned.

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