2015 Resolution: Make a Living Wage

I've talked about my financial situation before and all of the many challenges associated with trying to be ‘one of those authors who dropped everything to write.' I've talked about the costs it takes for me to produce a novel. I've talked about my income (and often the lack thereof.)

I've also talked about what a living wage is where I live. Not minimum wage. A living wage. They're two totally different fish. One's a pretty Siamese Fighting Fish and the other one is a slimy Hag fish. I'll let you figure out which one is which.

I'm not doing a proper New Years Resolution list this year, which I will surely fail. I'm setting myself up for one significant goal, one I will be chasing after with the frenzied glee of a piranha hunting a deliciously bloody steak thrown into the Amazon.

I want to make a living wage on my novels.

I want to be taxed for my work. (I am currently below the poverty line where I live, thus for individual tax credits mean I am not charged taxes.)

I want to have enough income where it is worth the heartache and effort to make an appointment with H&R block and slap down $500 for them to file my US taxes for me. Because complicated, yo.

I even have the slip of paper that says I'm not required to pay any US taxes up to the limit. Which is woo!

And if I am making enough money to have to pay US taxes, I will be okay with paying them because it means I made a lot of freaking money!!!

But on a serious note, my goal for 2015 is to catch the dream: to make a living wage. In my area, with my novel-writing expenses added, this equals roughly $31,000.

Here's hoping I can do it. I'm working hard to set myself up for success… but here's hoping I manage to grab it in a very rude and intimate place and make success mine.

My method, for the curious, is to write more books.

The next four releases have been planned, and I'm hoping I can manage to finish them promptly by working hard each and every day.

I may be foolish to believe that hard work pays off… but we shall see. We shall see indeed.

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averytingle says December 17, 2014

HELL yes.

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