Author Services: Amazon’s Giveaway Platform

Amazon GiveawayAmazon is on a roll in its efforts to dominate the digital marketplace. Today, Amazon has announced the release of its giveaway platform, a tool that is only partially viable for authors.

For all of ten seconds, I was convinced heaven had come down to Earth. Reality quick reasserted itself, never fear. Digital products, such as ebooks, are not eligible giveaway products.

Good news, however, is that paperback products that are prime eligible are eligible giveaway products.

I think I just found a reason to go back and redo all of my paperbacks. In case you hadn't noticed, my entire paperback catalog is currently offline. I will be doing new releases in a different trim size in the near future, as well as correcting errors in the print versions and so on. This was a painful decision for me, and one I won't have time to actually do for a while, but it will get done–eventually.

Once it is finished, I will be taking advantage of this tool for the paperbacks.

So, authors, rejoice! If you have paperback copies you want to give away on amazon, you now have a great tool to do it–and you do not need to be a member of KDP Select to take advantage of it.

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