Short Stories, Novellas, and Novels, Oh My!

I've been busy the past while trying to get Blood Diamond ready for publication. I'm really pleased with my progress. While I doubt it'll be ready in May, it'll be out in June or July for certain. (Editorial work needs to be finished and I need cover art, which is something I have no control over at this point in time.)

Things have been really tough lately, but I feel like I'm finally getting a handle on all of the things going on in my life. That means I can really focus on my work, something I feel has really suffered in the past week.

In addition to my novels, I'm branching out into writing novellas and short stories. These are side projects, things I will be doing for my entertainment (and yours.) I have started a patreon to help support this hobby. The patreon is designed to give a platform for me to share these stories with patrons.

How it works is pretty simple: You pick a reward level. Each time I release a short story (or novella), you will pay for your reward. I'm planning on releasing a short story once a month, along with some extra material. I might do more than one short story each month, but that depends on time. On the side, I'll be working on novellas.

Each year, I will release an anthology of all of the short stories I wrote for the patrons.

I think it'll be a good thing for me to practice writing shorter stories–and really rewarding.

Being completely honest, it's very frustrating to spend a quarter of a year working on a novel just to watch it flop on release. I think by having another outlet for my creativity–one that doesn't have such high demands on me–I will really be able to broaden my horizons and have a lot of fun at the same time.

It'll be good for me.

In other news, I have started working in earnest on Project Zeta, Zero, and Rider of the Sun Horse. I have no idea when these projects will release. Project Zeta is also dependent on cover art. (It might even be next year until Project Zeta is ready, as my artist might not be available to do the work until then.)

RJBlain_Zero_56Zero's cover is pretty much done. After these projects are finished, I will be working on Royal Slaves and City of Clocks. This lineup will carry me until mid next year, which is when my cover artist should be available again for work.

Beyond that, my husband found a new job, which he started today. He seems to really like it. I'm very happy for him. With the uncertainty lately, I'm going to be working even harder at upping my novel-writing game. I want to produce more novels and I want them to be of higher quality than ever.

I want to tell stories people want to buy.

That's all. I'll be in my bunker working if you need me.

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Cy Wyss says May 8, 2015

RJ, very glad to hear hubby has a new job he likes. Also impressed by your breathless pace of work. Recently I’ve been laid flat by illness and seem to have dropped all the balls I was juggling. Blog posts like yours about perseverance make me think there’s still hope. Very interesting patronage idea too, best of luck with it. –Cy

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