Beneath a Blood Moon has released!

Sara’s life turns upside down when someone leaves her a funerary urn, black roses, and death threats on her doorstep. Fearing her work as a stripper and showgirl has put her in the sights of a demented stalker, she turns to her best friend and fellow dancer for help.

Instead of a safe haven, all Sara finds is betrayal. Hunted by creatures she once believed were stories meant to frighten children, she is given a choice: become one of them, or die.

Forced to share her skin with a voracious carnivore and driven by instincts and desires too strong to resist, Sara must adapt to the changes in her life or be destroyed by them. Finding a mate is her wolf’s top priority.

If she doesn’t want to become another prostitute in a city full of them, Sara must learn to control the beast within. With a hungry wolf to feed and an empty bank account, selling herself to the highest bidder may be the only way she has to prevent becoming a monster driven to eat anything—or anyone—unfortunate enough to cross her path.

Beneath a Blood Moon is a standalone novel in the Witch & Wolf world. For those interested in the timeline, it falls sometime after the events of Inquisitor but before the events in Blood Diamond. (Chronically, Winter Wolf is the first book for all I published it second in the series.)

Beneath a Blood Moon is now available on Amazon!

As I discussed in a previous blog post, this will be my last release for a while. I'll be back to posting writing-related material in the next month or so. That part isn't going to change.

Thanks for reading!

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