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I'm asked every week by a reader when my books will become available in print. I've been delaying for quite a while because I wanted to hire Holly Heisey, my current cover artist, to do the print cover layouts. While her prices are reasonable, I haven't been in the financial position to make them happen.

I've finally gotten to the point the print editions are in the cards. Affording the cost of bringing all of my Witch & Wolf novels into print has been a challenge. At this point, it will happen. The question is when.

With your help, I can make it happen a lot sooner than otherwise. I've launched a crowdfunding campaign specifically to bring old & new Witch & Wolf novels into print. Before I talk about the book, I want to show you what the primary perk will be:

An adult coloring book. Actually, an all-ages coloring book. It will be a collection of line art images you can print and color. I've always enjoyed art, and line art is the one form of art I'm consistently good at. There will be a minimum of fifty pages in a rage of sizes, including a sheet of bookmarks you can take to a printer to have printed on card stock if that's up your alley.

The above images are examples of what will be included in the coloring page gallery. The final pictures will be cleaned to black & white and scanned so they can be printed on 8×11 sheets of paper.

The originals are also available as a perk (assigned randomly to contributors.) There's even a perk level where you can tell me what to draw.

I will be drawing dragons, unicorns, pegasus, other mythical beasts, flowers, and mundane animals as coloring book subjects. I will also be trying my hand at abstract and non-abstract patterns, although I have no idea how many (if any) will make it to the final edition of the coloring book.

Other perks include:

  • e-book copies of the Witch & Wolf Novels (4 Main Series novels, 3 standalones)
  • Unsigned copies of the books. (They'll be substantially cheaper than the retail price.)
  • Signed copies of the book. (Currently limited to 5 sets. If there is enough demand for the set, I may increase this number. Signed copies will also include an exclusive bookmark for your coloring enjoyment.)

The 50 page set of coloring pages costs $10. I will be adding additional pages to the coloring set if the campaign funds.

I know there are some of you who have been waiting for print editions of these books for a long time. Should the campaign fund, I will be opening stretch goals to bring the rest of my books into print.

This campaign focuses on these titles:

  • Omnibus collection of Witch & Wolf Books 1-3 (Inquisitor, Winter Wolf, Blood Diamond.)
  • Silver Bullet (Late 2016 / Early 2017.)
  • Beneath a Blood Moon
  • Pack Justice
  • Shadowed Flame

Here is a sampling of the covers Holly has already done for me:

If the campaign funds and stretch goals are met, I will be releasing/adding the following titles to the campaign:

  • Tales of the Winter Wolf Volumes 1-5
  • Omnibus Collection of Requiem for the Rift King Books 1 & 2 (Storm Without End, Storm Surge.)
  • New Me's Omnibus Collection of Books 1-3.
  • Work-in-Progress Novel Currently Untitled

Here's a breakdown of the perks: (Prices exclude shipping)

  • $1: 5 coloring pages
  • $10: The entire coloring page collection
  • $30: All ebooks & the coloring page collection
  • $50: Original Art of a Coloring Page
  • $60: Unsigned copies of print books (20 available.)
  • $75: Pick a Page: You get to request a theme for your very own coloring page.
  • $150: Signed collection of the print books plus an exclusive piece of art. (A bookmark.)

I may be adding additional perks as the campaign continues, or raising the availability of some perks dependent on demand.

A note about the retail price of the books: Titles will range between $15-$25, as I will be enrolling them in Amazon's extended distribution program. They'll be cheaper from my createspace store, so details on that will be available as I get them.

Thank you so much for your support. Even if you can't offer monetary help, please click on over and share this campaign with any of your friends or loved ones who enjoy art and fiction.

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