Book Review Rampage

I've done a lot of talking about the books I have written but very little about the books I've read lately. So, here's a book review rampage. Each review will be my basic thoughts on the book, whether or not I liked it, and so on. This post covers a lot of books, so sit down, grab a drink, and come rampage with me as i talk books, books, books, and even more books.

If there was any doubt about the nature of this post…


Gloves are off, bitches! Let's fucking talk about books.

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

4*. Really liked this one. It was a fucking hoot. It's about an innkeeper, Dina, who runs a magical inn with a single guest. When all the shit happens at her front door, Dina must choose between an innkeepers neutrality or watching her neighbors get what-the-flying-fuck eaten by fucking alien monsters. This is a damned good romp of a science fiction and fantasy hybrid novel, and I had fun with it.

Only reason it didn't get 5* was because it took me longer than I liked to really get behind Dina. Sean, the werewolf with a marking problem, was the character who kept me reading for the first while. Enjoyed the book a lot.

Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews

ELEVENTY BILLION STARS. I liked Clean Sweep, but Sweep in Peace was so much better. There was just nothing I disliked about this book. It was like this book was written with my interests and taste in mind. I just loved it. I unreasonably loved this book. It built on everything in Clean Sweep and made it so much better. Everything fit together so well for me in this book, and I couldn't put it down, and I love when a book does that to me.

Yeah. I'm totally biased. So fucking what?

Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

No one ever is surprised this is in the book review rampage, right? If you're surprised, well… you shouldn't be. This is definitely my favorite Mercy Thompson novel, and if there wasn't another Mercy novel, I could probably live with this being the last one. Fooorrtttunnnaatteellllyyyyy, I really doubt this is the last fucking one. Hope not. There's still loose ends, and I'd like them to be not loose ends any more!

If you like Mercy, just get this book already. That said, there were a few spots where I could tell the book had been rushed to get done on time, but I loved it despite its flaws!

Metric Fuckton of Shelly Laurenston Books

I'm not even sure how to begin reviewing all these books. I guess I'll do it by series, mostly in order. This is going to take a while!

The Pride Series

The Mane Event actually includes two stories. The main shifters are lions in this one, and they're fun. These are paranormal romances, and they definitely include content for fucking adults. Literally.

Hey, I have a diverse set of reading interests, okay? If you don't like sex in your fucking books, don't read these fucking books, there is a lot of fucking in them. Deal with it. The Mane Event was my second introduction to Shelly Laurenston, and I enjoyed it enough I've read the entire series.

Beast Behaving Badly and Bite Me are probably my two favorite books of the series, although The Mane Squeeze and Bear Meets Girl are close contenders. There are nine books in the Pride Series. Despite the name of the series, this series includes a wide variety of shifters from fucking honey badgers (Bite Me) to hybrids. The series includes a lot of hybrids. Werewolves are common fodder, although there are loads of cats and bears and other animals.

The Magnus Pack

If you're looking for wolves, Magnus Pack has them–and tigers, too. The third book in the set, Here, Kitty, Kitty, was actually my first encounter with Shelly Laurenston, and I found the book both hilarious and sexy. Good combination.

Now, for my one major complaint with almost all of these books–kindle formatting was terrible. There were no breaks between scenes, which made reading a bit frustrating at times. That said, I still enjoyed these books a lot.

Let's talk about some books I hate for a few minutes. I've ranted about these on New Me's blog, but I thought you'd fucking appreciate my intense level of hatred for these bloody books. Refuse piles. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and my opinion of these books is rather shitty.

A Billionaire Ex (Novel) (BBW Billionaire Romance) by Alexia Austen

This book was riddled with errors, and ultimately, I returned it for a refund. My goddamned fucking refund virginity was stolen by this fucking piece of shit novel. I hate that I returned a book for refund because it was just that fucking goddamned terrible. ARRRGGHHHHHH.

We hates it, precious.

Billionaire Romance: Swept Off Her Feet (Bad Boy Romance, Alpha Male Romance, Pregnancy Romance) by Kathleen Hope

The following message is why I stopped reading this book… before I even started reading it.

Before You Get Started Reading


I have a VERY important message that you MUST READ!

I promise you its not spam and I’m not trying to sell you anything!


And yes, it included the grammar error in the notice.

From the ‘Piss Off Mother Fucker' Department: I am a reader. I owe no author any fucking goddamned thing, thank you. I don't have to read anything your write. I read because I want to, and the instant you dare fucking tell me I must read your fucking message, you have condemned yourself to a cesspool topped in rotten zombie bits.

Fuck you and fuck the horse you rode in on.


From the “I gave up on these books” department…


Here's a selection of titles I just couldn't get into. Either the writing was subpar, the characters didn't work for well with me, or the books just sucked. Sometimes I just couldn't get into them.

  • Zane by Liv Bennett
  • Pleasure by Lucia Jordan: I just didn’t like it all that much. Nothing necessarily wrong with it. Cliffhanger, and not even a good one.
  • Dazzled by Silver by Lacey Silks
  • That Night with my Boss by H & J.S. Cooper
  • Wall Street by Leia Castle: Cliffhanger prologue, incomplete story.
  • Bought and Paid for: The Billionaire’s Girlfriend by Lara Hunter: Just couldn’t get into this one.
  • My Billionaire Boss Made Me His Dog by Taylor James: This is the sort of book that gives contemporary romance and erotica a bad name.
  • Collide – The secret Life of Trystan Scott (#1) by H.M. Ward: This book bored the fucking hell out of me and now I'm surely going to heaven.
  • Searching for Moore by Julie Richman: I enjoy romances that fit certain themes, and the guy lead is scum. He has a wife and family, and he throws them away for a fling from high school over twenty years ago. I really dislike plot devices like this.

Expect more Book Review Rampages from me. With random cursing, because twatwaffling douchecanoes.

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