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I don't talk about things like my newsletter often. It's a new project, and one I plan on using more in the upcoming months. (I know some of you are already on my newsletter, but I haven't actually used it yet, I know! I've been a very bad girl.)

I typically use my blog as my primary platform. I'll still be using my blog a lot, but my newsletter is where the real fun will be found.

In each newsletter, I will be doing a digest of my favorite blog posts, my new releases, and a short story or novella. The fiction will be exclusive to the newsletter for a while. It could be a couple of months, could be a year, could be forever. If I get a collection of newsletter fiction I really like, I'll publish it as an anthology. Otherwise, it'll remain only in newsletter format. I'm still hashing out how I want to handle delivering the short story/novella.

So, free fiction. If I'm sending you a newsletter, it'll have a piece of my writing in it for you. Yeah, that's my gimmick… and honestly, it's the only thing I could think of to make me actually want to make a newsletter.

I hate marketing. Most of you probably know that. Marketing doesn't let me do what I love doing most: write. So, when I was trying to figure out what I liked, it boiled down to my love of writing and reading.

My newsletter will reflect that. If the story is short enough for posting directly into the email, I will. Otherwise, it will be a password-protected blog post, with the address and password in the newsletter. I still have details to hash out, but that's the gist of it.

I may also include dates for when I do free promotions of my novels to the newsletter, so there's a chance to get free goodies, too.

So, if you want to follow what's going on with me and get infrequent emails about new releases with a short story, sign up for my newsletter. :3

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