Final Day to Contribute to Indiegogo!

PackJustice_NookKoboFinal_adjustedtextAt the time of this posting, there are 16 hours left to contribute to my indiegogo campaign to help offset the costs for print publication of old and new Witch & Wolf novels. With all of your help and support, the campaign has reached the 55% mark, which is a huge deal!

There is less than $900 to go, and every penny helps.

The first new release featured in the campaign is Pack Justice. Should the campaign fully fund, in addition to adding another title to the book collection, I will be releasing the novel to contributors a little prior to its official release. (Expect 24-48 hours in advance of the book going on sale.)

Pack Justice is slated for release within the next two weeks!

To make things a little more exciting, one of the other new releases, Shadowed Flame, has a good chance of releasing by May or June. Same deal–if the campaign fully funds, contributors will be getting ARC versions of the book a little in advance of the official release.

The final awesome bit of news is that the new Witch & Wolf spinoff series, Balancing the Scales, will be releasing in the very near future–probably by the end of April! This series follows the story of an FBI agent named Karma, who has dedicated most of her life to rescuing kidnapped kids. She learns there is far more than meets the eye to FBI's best agents, and she's been shortlisted to join their ranks. What she doesn't know will forever change her life and will wake the sleeping beast within.

I'm really excited for this book. It was super fun to write and challenged me in so many ways.

Then there's Silver Bullet, which will be releasing around the end of the year. My cover artist will be working on that cover in the next few months, and I'm pretty eager to close the doors on the first Witch & Wolf series.

I've already begun work a new Witch & Wolf series, which follows the story of Declan, a rogue black ops specialist turned thief. Unlike Balancing the Scales and Nature of the Beast, Declan's story occurs in the aftermath of Silver Bullet and includes many old faces, including Nicole, Richard, Desmond, and the Anderson twins. Unlike the original Witch & Wolf series, the new series will be from only one perspective, Declan's.

Balancing the Scales and Nature of the Beast are also single perspective sets.

Anyway, back to the indiegogo campaign!

This is one of the biggest changes to the campaign: In addition to drawing, I also paint, and I have a lot of older paintings kicking around, including the two shown above. I will be distributing paintings into the signed book perk. (I am moving internationally within a few months and do not want to take extra items with me, so I thought this would be a nice inclusion.)

The signed book perk is $150, $170 after shipping.

Considering I typically try to sell one of my paintings for between $30-$60 USD, this is a pretty good bargain. There will be at least one painting per perk. If that wasn't enough, any original sketches unclaimed from the $50 original coloring page perk will be added to the signed book perk. Add in the bookmark I'll be drawing for each of the signed book perks, and this is a pretty good deal.

The featured perk is $30, and it includes the coloring book and all 7 of the Witch & Wolf novels in all major e-book formats. So, yes, this is a way for you to get legitimate epub versions of my Witch & Wolf novels.

Thanks for all your support, everyone!

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