Karma’s New (Tentative) Release Date

Karma_NookKoboFinalSometimes, life just happens. It happens to me, it happens to my editor, and sometimes, it happens to both of us at the same time. Karma's tentative release date for next week is confirmed to be blown sky high into smoldering little bits of wreckage. I'm sorry.

I'd rather wait and release a better, cleaner book–and so would my editor. We're sorry. Really.

But, in this storm cloud is a silver lining. My editor and I bumped heads together (yes, it does kinda hurt, not recommended) and talked dates, looked at where we're at in both Karma and Shadowed Flame, and have set a new release date: May 16, 2016.

That's right. We're going to try to release both books on the same day. Since we're putting in all the effort for the super duper release day party for Shadowed Flame, Karma's going to sneak it, meekly say hello, and act like I do in most social situations–terrified of exposure to other people.

I love this book so much, and I want it to be the best it can be–and rushing it through editing isn't the answer. We're both going to try to make sure it releases on the 16th, but we both have a lot to do on both books.

I wish I was posting a confirmation of release next week, but the stars didn't align, and I'm choosing to delay rather than release a crappy, error-filled book. (Oh, there will be errors. I'm sure of it. There are always errors, hiding in the pages of a book… but I want to remove as many of them as possible and tell a good story.)

If anything changes (again) I'll let you know. As a side note, since I'll be releasing two books on the same day, the newsletter will contain two short stories.

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