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I was reading a review recently on goodreads, and I was intrigued by its content. The reviewer was hoping for a whole new world in the new series. (Sorry, Balancing the Scales is in the Witch & Wolf world. It does introduce a new species of supernatural in the same way Pack Justice did, but it is still in the same comfortable alternate Earth the rest of the books take place in.)

It made me think.

To date, I've created three independent worlds. Technically, four, but one crosses over with one world… I'll explain below. Since I'm going to go to the effort of writing out all the books I've written (and am planning to write in the near future), I'm going to put the books in chronological order for you.

Finally, right?! So, bear with me.

World #1: High Fantasy (Arasanor)

Series: Requiem for the Rift King & Related Works

In chronological order:

  1. Rider of the Sun Horse (Standalone)
  2. Storm Without End (Requiem #1)
  3. The Eye of God (Fall of Erelith #1)
  4. Storm Surge (Requiem #2)
  5. Royal Slaves (Fall of Erelith #2)
  6. The Tides of War (Requiem #3)
  7. Genocide (Fall of Erelith #3)
  8. Requiem for the Rift King (Requiem #4)

EyeOfGodCover_ideaSketch1b-CJHYou might be looking at this in a state of what the actual fuck?! Yes, The Fall of Erelith is the same world as Requiem for the Rift King. Yes, the stories happen at almost the exact same time. Yes, if you look carefully, you can identify how the two continents interact with each other and how the events from one half of the world affect the other half of the world.

Yes, it's complicated, which is why I've very much kept The Eye of God as it's own thing without drawing much attention to the relation of these two series. Yes, I'll probably write Royal Slaves before I release the Tides of War, but it's dependent on a lot of factors.

No, don't panic. You do not need to read both series if you find the Fall of Erelith series too brutal. It is a brutal story. Of all the characters I've ever written, the Fall of Erelith ones face the hardest challenges–but they stand to gain the greatest rewards.

They aren't just fighting for their lives, but for their freedom, for justice, and for a lot of things we take for granted that has been taken from so many in that world under the tyrant reign of Erelith's Emperor.

There will be more standalones and short series in this world, although I won't be working on them for a while.

World #2: The Witch & Wolf World (Alternative History Earth.)

Series: Witch & Wolf, Nature of the Beast, Balancing the Scales, Standalones…

In chronological order:

  1. Tales of the Winter Wolf
  2. Winter Wolf (W&W #1)
  3. Inquisitor (W&W #2)
  4. Pack Justice / Dual Nature (Nature of the Beast)
  5. Blood Diamond (W&W #3)
  6. Beneath a Blood Moon (Standalone)
  7. Case Files of Karma Johnson (Some stories will be during the series in later anthologies)
  8. Karma / License to Kill (Balancing the Scales)
  9. Silver Bullet (W&W 4)
  10. Shadowed Flame (Because of Chapter 2. Hahahahaha… err..)
  11. Wolf Hunt (New Series, Follow up to Witch & Wolf main series, Coming after Silver Bullet)

W&WBanner3Some important notes: Nature of the Beast and Balancing the Scales are side stories within the world, but they don't involve characters from the main W&W series. In Beneath a Blood Moon, you'll recognize characters and references from Tales of the Winter Wolf, Winter Wolf, and Blood Diamond. People commented that this makes Beneath a Blood Moon not quite as standalone as they liked.

I know some folks aren't going to like this, but here's the deal: When characters have the power to change the world, and someone interesting comes along, they'll show up. Wolves are curious beasts, and where trouble goes, they follow. Their lives and jobs involve keeping the supernatural world monitored and under control.

Then, you might ask, why didn't they show up in Nature of the Beast? Simple. The supernatural world is, at that point, recovering from the plague. Packs are fragmented, broken, and rebuilding. There are bigger fish to fry than a lawyer with a cat for a guardian angel.

You might ask the same of Karma & Shadowed Flame, but once again, there are bigger fish for them to fry, and the players in Karma (especially) are capable of changing the world entirely fine on their own. In Shadowed Flame, while you can't see any of the consequences of Silver Bullet, they're present in the absence of these characters.

World #3: Alternate Earth, Cross-overed with Witch & Wolf Universe

The Witch & Wolf world was never meant to be infinite. It ends–at least, on Earth. I got tired of Earth one day, and decided the planet had to go. So, off it went in a blaze of glory.

The Fenerec, their witches, and many of the supernatural become a grand experiment on space survival. One day, their story might continue, but they become the pioneers of Terrans exploring space when Earth goes to hell in a handbasket.

The stories in this world are not about the Fenerec. No, they're about the humans left behind, what became of Earth's magic when they left, and what happens to Earth.

  1. Project Zeta (buh bye, Earth!)
  2. Zero
  3. Evolulite

No, I won't tell you how these science fiction stories connect. That would ruin my fun.

World #4: Alternate Earth, Sci-Fi Edition

Series: Dae Portals (Trillian Anderson)

  1. The Dawn of Dae (DP #1)
  2. Unawakened (DP #2)
  3. Chameleon and the Hound DP #3)

12842587_10153455289428506_813637399_oThis is the most traditional form of series I've ever done. The books are released in chronological order, and there probably won't be many (if any) side novels. There are a lot of stories about Alexa and Rob, though. So, that's something, right?

I will say this much about this series: I love Alexa. I love how she changes, develops, grows, falls on her face, makes mistakes, adapts, adapts some more, falls prey to her own demons, and changes the world, all without any real magic of her own.

The covers of the Dae Portals novels were specifically chokes for a reason, reflecting Alexa's changes and state of mind during the series. In the Dawn of Dae, she learns to stand on her own, but Rob's there every step of the way, making sure she can stand back up when she falls down.

In Unawakened, she believes she stands in Rob's shadow and wants to be his equal. This cover shows her back… but it's not because she's actually in his shadow.

It's because she's guarding his back as much as he's guarding hers. I saw the picture when browsing stock images, and thought it was perfect for their relationship.

In the next four covers, you'll notice Alexa is standing on her own. Her appearances change drastically. Why?

You'll find out, eventually.

World #5: Coming Soon.

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