This again? Books, Readers, Piracy, and Theft.

RJBlain_Zero_56The drama of the week is flavored in book theft, and I, like so many authors, are stepping up to talk about it. In a way, I feel like Cardeth and Zero. The ‘city' of the literary world is smoking around us authors, and the rioters are…

… people who like what we do?

Look, I like reading as much as the next person, and because I'm an author, I can't afford to buy many books. I cherry pick the books I want to have. I buy them. I respect others who are in my same situation, and if I can't afford to have it, I live without it.

Suck it up, precious little snowflake. There are a lot of ways you can get books for free without paying a cent and still respecting the authors who wrote them. Let me teach you how.

Go to Amazon. Click on the genre you like. Go to ‘Top 100 Free.' Buy all the fucking books. Come back every day. There will be new books there, because many books are only free for up to five days every three months.

Want more than those top 100 free books? Go to search. Pick a keyword you like. Sort by pricing “Low to High.” Buy all the free books. There are thousands of them there.

Don't return the books because you believe you're a precious little snowflake who deserves to have everything without paying it. Feel that way? Come to my house and clean it. I'm not going to pay you. I'm not going to give you a free pizza or beer for your work and effort, either.

Don't like that? Got offended?

That's exactly what you're asking me to do when you steal my books. You're expecting me to go hungry while you benefit from my hard work.

Here's some other ways you can get free books:

  1. Become a book reviewer. You not only get the book for free you get it in advance. You will be expected to review the book honestly.
  2. Go to free book sites (NON PIRATED) that are promoting giveaways. Freebooksy is a good example of one of these sites.
  3. Create a Netgalley account, review books.

Don't be a thief. Taking a book for free is theft, no different from me walking into your home and taking your television because I want to watch something and don't have a television of my own. Oh, don't like that, do you?

That's theft, and that's what you're doing to authors.

I give most of my titles away several times a year, so you don't have to steal from me to enjoy my books.


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