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This is a State of the Blain address. Fasten your seat belts, because this is going to be one hell of a ride. If you want to read about the personal stuff, scroll down towards the end of the post.

News From the Witch & Wolf World

13517958_10153713592233506_516249717_o.pngI've been pretty quiet on the writing front since the double release of Shadowed Flame and Karma. I needed some time to recharge, I've been pretty busy on the personal front, and two books one day? Wooooooowie, I needed a ‘smoke break' after that craziness.

In 2014, when I first released Inquisitor, I never thought the Witch & Wolf world would be so popular. The series has made me, as far as I can say I've been made. I'm grateful people enjoy my take on werewolves and witches.

When I finished Winter Wolf, I was almost ready to walk away from the series and world. Winter Wolf was a tough book for me. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. There were problems with my editors–all three or four of them. The problems with my editors were outside of anyone's control. Not their fault, not my fault–life's fault. Life sucks sometimes.

I recovered, plowing into Blood Diamond, determined to at least leave the series with some form of general sense of satisfaction and closure for me. For a while, I didn't think I'd ever actually get to Silver Bullet.

Beneath a Blood Moon was my ditch effort to get over the hell that was Winter Wolf and have fun with the Witch & Wolf world. Pack Justice as another one of those stories–one that took a life of its own and demanded to become a mini series. (Two or three books, uncertain still on total length.)

Karma was me pursuing the type of story I really like to tell, written as much for me as for my readers.

Shadowed Flame? I don't want to talk about that, but I will. It was Winter Wolf 2.0. I love the character. I love the idea.

Writing her was a struggle each and every word of the way. I put myself so far outside of my comfort zone on this book I ended up having to fight tooth and claw to finish it. It was a hard book to write. I bled on the page for this book.

I regret writing it, but at the same time, I'm glad I did. I look at it, and I am able to acknowledge I can do it–even when it's hard. And Shadowed Flame was so, so hard.

I am 58,000 words into Silver Bullet.

For fans of the series, Silver Bullet is both a beginning and an end. Blood Diamond began the final battle between Basin and the Inquisition. Silver Bullet finishes it.

However, Silver Bullet heralds in a new stage for the witches and wolves of the world to dance on. Yes, a new main series is coming. I expect the first book to be ready and released by the end of the year. Some of you might be a little alarmed and appalled by this announcement. After all, I have Nature of the Beast and Balancing the Scales to write, right?

Don't worry. They aren't being forgotten or abandoned. They're my fun stories, my ‘take a break and let loose' series, and something I use to escape work. I love Sean and Karma, and I look forward to writing their stories. Realistically, both of these stories are 2-3 book sets. Karma might end up longer than Sean's story, but in reality, I had a general idea where I wanted to go with them, and I'm halfway there for Nature of the Beast and about a third of the way there on Balancing the Scales.

Karma will have anthologies with short stories and novellas to continue her adventures with Jake, including tales from before and after the Balancing the Scales story.

Witch & Wolf Summer Sales and Free Book Days!

Let's get onto the good stuff, eh? Inquisitor is now $0.99 until the end of August, so if you haven't had a chance to dive into the series, now is your chance. Pack Justice is also $0.99 until the end of August.

July 1-3, 2016, Pack Justice will be free.

July 14, 2016, Shadowed Flame will be free.

July 14, 2016, Beneath a Blood Moon will be free.

July 27, Karma will be free.

August 1, 2016, Beneath a Blood Moon will be free again.

August 4, 2016, Shadowed Flame will be free again. Yeah, I'm determined to get this book around. I bled for this one, damn it!

About Those Print Books…

Coming Soon. Literally. Beneath a Blood Moon should begin the proofing process later today type coming soon. My cover artist is hard at work preparing the cover art for the books. Once the proofs are done, I'll launch Beneath a Blood Moon and send the unsigned copies to their new homes. I'm expecting three weeks for Beneath a Blood Moon to be finalized and ready for sale.

Beneath a Blood Moon will be priced at $13.99 for a paperback copy.

Memento Mori: A Step into a Brand New World.

I have made mention of working on a new series. It is entitled Memento Mori, and it follows one Harrison Godfrey, a World War III survivor–and I don't mean a veteran. When he was a newborn, less than a minute old, a nuclear bomb detonated over his home in New York City.

Millions died. The survivors became supernatural, and Harrison is one of them.

In a world where nuclear bomb radiation either kills you or turns you into the supernatural, just about anything is possible. Twenty-five years after the end of World War III, life has gone on.

I'd just like to take a moment to state Memento Mori is not a dystopian.

Instead of crumbling to a dystopian wasteland, society has adapted. The supernatural have found their place in the world, and so have the unsoiled, purebred humans.

Someone wants to change that, and that is where the story begins.

I have no idea when Memento Mori will release, but it is coming–and considering how addicted I am to Harrison and his world, it'll be coming sooner than later.

Onto the Personal Stuff

We're still waiting on our interview to get my husband's green card / work visa. There was a delay in our paperwork. The US government failed to forward a document to itself, so my signature expired.

Say what?

Yeah, apparently your signature can expire for immigration documents… and the shelf life seems to be three months. Go figure.

So, we're waiting. My stress levels are pretty much maxed out thanks to all this hurry up and wait crap.

I'm really hoping this is the worst of it, and we'll be able to start the next stage of our life in California soon.


That's the sound I make when everyone interrupts me, which is basically what is happening today.

(Yes, that is all the personal stuff I got right now. I have no life.)


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