I’m Playing Pokemon Go, and I regret (everything) nothing!

I've been playing Pokemon Go for several days now. I regret everything nothing.

Those who know me understand my poor relationship with exercise. Normal people can go out, pick a direction, and start walking, and some sore legs later, they arrive with no issues. People with asthma probably understand what it's like to be me a lot better than others.

I have hefty issues with my endurance. This manifests as asthma-like symptoms as my body struggles to figure out how to provide oxygen all over the place. It's a multi-fold issue. If I get my heart rate up, bad things can happen. So, I can't afford to do that.

Those who understand how to get in shape are probably cringing, because it involves getting your heart rate up so your body triggers all the fancy things to build your circulatory and respiratory systems.

I can't do that. Elevated heart rate is bad for me. So, I have to very carefully manage my exercise, including how I walk. Running across the street is enough to make me wheeze / fail to provide kinda important oxygen to my body. This isn't asking for sympathy, because I don't want it. Don't want pity, either. I'm just informing you what I'm up against. My battle, not yours, and honestly, sympathy and pity changes nothing, so don't bother with it, please.

I love pokemon. I've always wished I could actually wander around and be a trainer. Pokemon Go is totally fulfilling that childhood wish. I love it. One of the other trainers I met told me where I can catch Ponyta in the area! I'm going hunting for them starting tomorrow. It'll be car-based hunting, since it's a bit off the beaten path. But, it's near a poke stop, so I can do short-distance hunting while looking for one. That's cool.

Thanks to this game, I've been walking. That barrier that exists is still there. I have to be careful. I want to hurry hurry hurry to the next pokestop, but I have to plod along. Stopping to catch pokemon gives me a chance to catch my breath, too. It's great.

Unlike normal people, my legs aren't actually getting sore, though I've developed a suspiciously pinkish colored tan. (Oops?) I take a water bottle or a soda with me, make sure I stop for drinks often, and plod along.

I have walked 15 kilometers since I started playing this game.

That is more than I'd walk, total, in 3 months.

I'm walking. I'm not winning races, but I'm walking. I'm getting out there. I met a bunch of trainers from the red gym near my house. (I told them I was Yellow but I test the gyms whenever I'm there because it's something to do, and they laughed and was like carrying on.)

They were nice people. They invited me to their lure party, and so I met them at the pokestop and we talked a bit. I told them where I was catching pokemon, and they told me where to catch my coveted ponyta.

They were totally impressed with my slowpoke! Apparently slowpoke is really rare around here.

My back hurts, but it's hurting in the “I'm being used, this is good” way. I'm grateful. I'm grateful I have a blister on my foot. I'm grateful my ankles are questioning my activities. I'm actually a little sad my legs aren't sore–I want them to be sore.

I want to feel that burn, that ache, and that pain that says I'm doing this even though it's hard and I have to be careful.

I am trying to walk three times a day–two short walks, one really long walk.

Monday, I did this.

Today, I did this.

I want to do this every day it's sunny. I want to be healthy, but when exercise is so… systematic… it's difficult. I need a great deal of motivation to do it. Without a distraction (IE, stopping to catch pokemon or check my map) it's really hard on me emotionally and mentally.

When I'm playing, and someone looks at me like I'm weird, it's easier to ignore them.

I'm not always stopped because I'm playing with a pokemon. Sometimes, I'm stopped because I have to. I can't let my heart rate get too high, or I suffer the rest of the day.

This game has opened doors for me, and for that, I'm grateful. It was the little bit of magic in the real world I needed to be able to get up and go outside and walk without feeling like a useless thing because I had to stop to catch my breath.

So many others are stopping to catch their breaths–or a pikachu–where I can slip through the cracks and walk at my own pace.

I am grateful.

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