Tentative Upcoming Releases Schedule (Late 2016, Early 2017.)

Disclaimer: This is a tentative list and is subject to change.

August 2016: Tales of the Winter Wolf Volume 6. This set will include three ‘After Winter Wolf' stories. The stories will take place almost a month following the conclusion of Winter Wolf.

September or October 2016: Rider of the Sun Horse & Silver Bullet. I am approximately halfway finished both books. I'm hoping for a productive August. If things work out, you can expect these books to release in late September or October. (Note: if my husband's Visa application is approved, this will be shifted to a November or December 2016 release.)

February or March 2017: Chameleon and the Hound, Dae Portals 3. (Writing as Trillian Anderson.) I will be writing the novel in November as my NaNoWriMo, and I'll finish drafting it in December.

Unknown but Upcoming Releases: Wolf Hunt & Memento Mori. Wolf Hunt is a continuation series to the main Witch & Wolf story timeline. I expect people will dub this Witch & Wolf #5, but it will follow one POV character exclusively, and deals with a whole new set of events compared to the main Witch & Wolf series. That said, I will be including a notation in the description recommending it be read after the W&W series.

Memento Mori is a brand new urban fantasy world, and I am REALLY looking forward to this series.

Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin.

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