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I make such dignified post titles. So descriptive. Much elegant.

Things have been busy lately. I'm juggling several client edit projects, I'm working on a play project, and I hope to have Tales of the Winter Wolf Volume Six out sometime next week. The first Tales of the Winter Wolf omnibus will be available in print in the next few weeks, too.

Since I've been hard at work on some client editing projects, my writing work has gone to the wayside a bit. I should be working on Silver Bullet, but instead, I'm playing with a project called Water Viper. I'm also putting together ideas for an anthology called Guardians, which features the Guardians of the Rift and the Rift King. Yes, there will be at least one Kalen/Breton centric story, and there will be a lot of hopping around the Requiem for the Rift King timeline. Some stories will be more historic, visiting the Rift and neighboring kingdoms prior to Kalen's reign as the Rift King. Some will show a few snapshots of events missed from Storm Surge and Storm Without End. I have no idea how long it'll take me to finish, so it'll come out when it's ready.

Immigrations is moving along; we're waiting for our interview date, but we're officially in the queue to have an interview. The lawyers are optimistic we have a solid case for his green card.

Once I plow through the client edits, I'll be back to working on Rider of the Sun Horse and Silver Bullet full time, with a few side projects getting occasional love and care.

At this point, I'm hoping to have two or three more titles released by the end of the year, excluding Tales of the Winter Wolf #6. (I'm excluding it because I'm almost done with the project. Oh, for those interested, it features three stories that cover the aftermath of Winter Wolf–and once you read, I think you may understand why I opted not to tell these stories as a part of the main novel.)

(Okay, I'll spoil a tiny bit: two are Richard's story, and my writing style for the W&W series just doesn't play well with forays to a second character. So, when I wrote Winter Wolf, I knew I'd eventually tell the finalized aftermath through either shorts or novellas.)

Like the other Tales stories, the stories in this volume are very connected. I'm undecided if Volume 7 will maintain this trend, or if it'll feature novellas and shorts that better stand alone. Richard and Nicolina have always been odd characters for me to write, and the formatting of their stories reflects this.

Anyway, back to work with me! Have a great day, folks.

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