Tales of the Winter Wolf, Vol. Six has released!

After a slew of delays, Tales of the Winter Wolf, Vol. Six has finally arrived! My apologies to those who were expecting it sooner. Life happened.

Unlike the other volumes of the Tales of the Winter Wolf set, this takes place after Winter Wolf.

Nicole Thomas, once Nicolina Desmond, managed to save her sister and family from the plague killing the Fenerec. However, there’s one life she’s touched most of all—Richard Murphy’s.

This is his story.

A common question I've had about Winter Wolf involves why I ended the book where I did. This story (written in three parts) is the reason why. I've always though the next part of their story, as a couple, belonged to Richard. While there is a section written from Nicolina's perspective, everything is centric to Richard, who he has become, who he was, and a glimpse of who he will become.

People have also commented about Richard's personality in Blood Diamond, particularly how he has certain edges. While Blood Diamond happens quite some time after the events of Winter Wolf, the consequences of his relationship with Nicolina and the events surrounding Winter Wolf have a long arm.

For those of you who wanted to find out more about what happened to Nicolina and Richard, this volume will answer some of your questions. It may make you ask more questions, but that's okay.

Their story isn't done, not yet. There will be a lot more of this pair in the future.

Tales of the Winter Wolf, Vol. Six is now available on Amazon for $0.99. It is also available in the KU library.

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